Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 429: Stop the assassination

Chapter 429: Stop the assassination

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Si Ming Li sneered and asked again, "Fine, let's just assume this explanation is right! Then you mentioned that the mole looked for you a week before the trip and even said the Murderous Blood Gang wanted to assassinate the master - since it was such a grave issue, why didn't you report it immediately and only spoke up now?"

Ye Wanwan sighed and seemed somewhat disappointed. "Fourth great uncle, even a three-year-old child knows that one shouldn't easily trust a stranger's words. Such a pity that fourth great uncle doesn't know this."

Without waiting for Si Ming Li to speak, Ye Wanwan said, "When that man appeared out of nowhere after he said those things, I never saw him again. How could I be sure whether he was a friend or foe? How could I be sure that he wasn't trying to sabotage the negotiations this time or simply used me to stop Ah-Jiu?"

"All I could do at the time was to keep reminding Ah-Jiu of the dangers he might encounter during this trip to country B so that he would step up his guard."

"But no matter whether what that person said was true or not, it's always better to be safe than sorry so I prepared some disguises just in case. I didn't think we would really need them in the end!"

"After we survived that dangerous incident, I was able to confirm that the person was a friend and not a foe, but I just didn't know who he was when I first met him."

"At first, I was planning to wait until Ah-Jiu woke up before discussing this incident with him, but this happened and I realized that the person who tipped me off was definitely Xu Yi's mole!"

What Ye Wanwan said was reasonable and she covered every doubtful point.

All the elders muttered to themselves and pondered her words deeply. Seeing those reactions, it was obvious they found Ye Wanwan's words quite credible.

Otherwise, there was no reason why a little brat like her would have such great predictive abilities.

At this point, Si Ming Li's face finally changed.

He never expected that this little brat could ruin his trap with a few words and even trashed the situation he had planned for such a long time.

That mole's already dead, so how could he have tipped her off?

This woman's simply spouting nonsense!

The old madam thought about it and also found that what Ye Wanwan said sounded reasonable. "Since this is the case... no wonder you kept pestering Little 9th to stay and even wanted to go along!"

Ye Wanwan nodded. "Yes, grandma. It's all thanks to housekeeper Xu for planting a mole in the Murderous Blood Gang that we were able to get a tip on time and saved Ah-Jiu's life; otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable!"

The old madam looked at the man who had his face covered in blood and was still in a half-kneeling position. She finally said, "Xu Yi... get up..."

Xu Yi was stunned for a couple of seconds before coming back to his senses and stood up mechanically. "Yes..."

Si Ming Li's face was completely shrouded in darkness. His eyes shifted slightly, but at this moment, the old madam had already bought into what Ye Wanwan said, so he probably wouldn't be able to touch Xu Yi and the Xu family for some time...

"Hehe... housekeeper Xu, so that was what happened. This was indeed too coincidental, so you must be more careful in the future. Don't outsmart yourself, yeah?" The corners of Si Ming Li's lips twitched.

Xu Yi gave a sidelong glance at Si Ming Li and didn't respond.

Qin Ruo Xi's eyebrows furrowed. her brows. She hadn't expected that Ye Wanwan would be able to cleverly stop the assassination...

"Thank you... thank you so much Miss Ye for proving my son's innocence, proving the Xu family's innocence!!" The initially ashen-face Xu Chang Kun finally had some rosiness back in his cheeks. He was filled with gratitude as he turned to Ye Wanwan to thank her.

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