Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 428: Evidence - of course I have them

Chapter 428: Evidence - of course I have them

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Although the elders in the Si family were unhappy with what Ye Wanwan said, her words were indeed the truth. Right now, the Si family was no match for the Rose of Death.

Si Ming Li, who was some distance away, gritted his teeth. This woman...

"So is fourth great uncle brainless... or does he have other intentions, wishing for the Si family to be eternally damned?"

"You said I'm brainless... how insolent!" Si Ming Li's eyes were filled with malice.

"Since fourth great uncle has a brain, it must mean you're harming the Si family on purpose, yeah?" Ye Wanwan said without a change in expression.

"You...!" Si Ming Li clenched his teeth. "I'm not going to debate with you over this. Since you said Xu Yi's innocent, you have to show us evidence. Otherwise, even the master can't save him!"

"Evidence? Of course I have evidence." Ye Wanwan's eyes scanned across everyone present then said, "Before Ah-Jiu and the others left for the trip, I already knew the Murderous Blood Gang would make a move on the Si family."

The second Ye Wanwan said that it caused an uproar at the scene.

She knew about it?

How did she know?

If she's not with the enemy, how would she have known about their plans?

Could it be that she's a spy from the Murderous Blood Gang?

"How did you know?" Si Ming Li asked.

Tsk, I need to see how this brat's going to explain herself!

She actually dared to ruin my plan. I have to exterminate this brat who thinks so highly of herself today.

Ye Wanwan replied matter-of-factly in front of everyone: "Obviously, someone told me about it."

Someone told her about it?

Everyone was doubtful until Ye Wanwan continued: "A week before the trip, someone suddenly came to see me and told me that Ah-Jiu would be assassinated by members of the Murderous Blood Gang during his trip to country B and wanted me to stop Ah-Jiu from going. That person also mentioned that if I was unable to stop him, I had to disguise as some rose - an organization that the Murderous Blood Gang feared."

"Everything I know about the Murderous Blood Gang and the Rose of Death was provided by that person."

Ye Wanwan paused. She glanced at Xu Yi then said, "At first, I didn't know who that person was till today when all of you brought up the so-called evidence of Xu Yi having a connection with the Murderous Blood Gang. I finally realized that the person who came to me with the insider information was the mole housekeeper Xu planted in the Murderous Blood Gang. That mole wasn't dead yet and even knew about the plans of the Murderous Blood Gang, so he quickly came and reported it to me!"

After listening to what Ye Wanwan said, all the elders were dumbfounded.

Things have taken a new turn...

The truth's actually like that?

Even Xu Yi was stunned.

It was just that Xu Yi was very certain that the mole was already killed a long time ago...

Ye Wanwan was just doing this to protect him...

Si Ming Li suddenly bellowed in anger amidst the silence: "Complete nonsense! Your story is full of holes!"

Ye Wanwan replied calmly, "I'm not sure which part of what I said had any problems - fourth great-uncle, please correct me."

Si Ming Li yelled, "What a joke! Even if the mole wanted to disclose insider information, why would he go to you instead of Xu Yi? Who do you think you are?"

Ye Wanwan looked at Si Ming Li plainly. Her gaze held an inexplicable contempt as she replied, "That mole pretended to die and disappear obviously because the Murderous Blood Gang found out and he was being closely monitored, so how could he possibly go to Xu Yi or Liu Ying? I'm the most unsuspecting person by 9th master's side so naturally, he came to see me."

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