Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 43: The literal meaning, please!

Chapter 43: The literal meaning, please!

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Ye Wan Wan's little heart was startled, "Sleep... What do you mean sleep? Literally... Or..."

The man looked at her, "If you want it to mean something else, that's fine too."

Ye Wan Wan immediately shook her head vigorously, "No no! The literal meaning is fine!"

But even if it was simply "sleeping", that alone gave her a headache.

Just 2 hours of sleeping with him had caused her to be jumpy, much less 6 hours.

But she was in the wrong.

In the end, she could only bite the bullet and agree.

When she was lying in bed accompanying him again, Ye Wan Wan suddenly realised that maybe Si Ye Han dug a pit for her to jump into on purpose? So that she had to obediently agree to such an unfair contract since she was in the wrong...

Also, after hearing the conversation just now, why didn't Si Ye Han have any reaction at all?

It couldn't be that he didn't hear anything right?

Her head hurt from thinking. When she turned her head, she realised that he was sleeping soundly.

Could it be that she was wrong all along?

Si Ye Han's sleeping pattern seemed to be very normal! He didn't look like a sick person...

Ye Wan Wan was still entertaining her foolish thoughts and couldn't fall asleep. Finally, she was infected by Si Ye Han's drowsiness and fell asleep unknowingly.

Late at night.

The man on the bed opened his eyes lazily like a satisfied beast.

But even after just waking up, his pupils were still fierce and cold.

Until... He suddenly felt something unusually soft in his embrace and his fierce expression relaxed and he lowered his head to look.

Under the warm glow of the moonlight, he saw a girl snuggling in his arms like a little kitten, sleeping soundly.

For a moment, his cold empty chest was suddenly filled and his suspended heart returned to his body.

The man's arms tightened but since he was afraid he'd wake the girl in his arms, he quickly relaxed. He stared at the person in his embrace with a complex look on his face.

Ever since that night, she became more and more difficult to figure out...

Although he liked the change, the intoxicating sweetness was too unreal, causing him to feel uneasy.

It was like he was a traveller who had walked in the desert for too long and suddenly saw an oasis--in the next second, he might find out that this was all just an illusion, a transient glimmer of hope.

At that moment, the phone by his side started flashing, indicating a new message.

Si Ye Han's eyes turned dark and opened the message.

The sender was Shen Meng Qi—— [Mr Si, I went to visit Ye Wan Wan last night and tried very hard to convince her. However, she still seemed to be mad at you. Mr Gu was her fiance after all, so it's understandable that she's unable to get over him so quickly. I believe that one day she'll realise that you're good for her.]

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