Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 44: The relationship between us

Chapter 44: The relationship between us

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Xu Yi waited in the car for more than six hours before his master finally appeared.

More than six hours...

What was he doing?

Xu Yi naturally didn't dare to probe and he quickly opened the door of the back seat.

In the car, Xu Yi couldn't help but examine the man sitting at the back through the rearview mirror.

Si Ye Han supported his forehead with a finger, his handsome face coated with a layer of frost that was reflected on the black window of the car.

Master's complexion looked much better than before, but his expression didn't bode well.

Good complexion yet bad expression?

So what did the master experience in those six hours?

After the love letter incident, things seemed quite peaceful between the two of them.

Thinking about the love letter, Xu Yi immediately frowned.

After much hesitating, he couldn't help but ask, "Master, are you sure you want to keep that Shen Meng Qi around?"

He had already checked this woman's background--her father was the boss of a small company and had little business dealings with the Ye family. Initially, Shen Meng Qi got close to Ye Wan Wan and her brother because Mr Shen incited it, just so he could have a closer relationship with Ye Shao Ting.

Shen Meng Qi didn't let him down--she gained the trust of Ye Wan Wan and even settled things with Ye Mu Fan.

Seeing that Si Ye Han wasn't replying, Xu Yi hesitated for a moment and continued, "This girl has bad intentions for staying by Ms Ye's side. She deliberately interfered with the relationship between you and Ms Ye. Do you really want such a person to continue being by Ms Ye's side? Although she's just a little girl, nothing to be afraid of, her influence on Ms Ye is too great."

Si Ye Han listened and his gaze slowly turned icy and shot a razor-sharp look forward, "You think that the relationship between us could be ended by just anybody?"

Xu Yi's back stiffened from that cold glare and he wished he could cry to the heavens—— Exaggeration much? Master, where'd you get the confidence to actually think that your relationship with Ms Ye is strong?

Too bad he didn't have the guts to say all these things.

In the quiet of the back seat, the man's face kept changing in the darkness. After some time, he finally closed his eyes and suppressed the almost uncontrollable rage to kill.

Seeing this, Xu Yi understood in his heart.

Shen Meng Qi was Ye Wan Wan's only support after all.

Ye Wan Wan had such a stubborn temperament but was willing to submit to the master and plead for his help on Shen Meng Qi's behalf.

Previously, she even starved for three days to allow Shen Meng Qi to freely enter and leave Jin garden.

If master laid a hand on Shen Meng Qi, that would just cause a world war!

Although Shen Meng Qi had some ill intentions, her role was irreplaceable. If not for Shen Meng Qi, that Ye Wan Wan would've run away so many times.

Actually, he still didn't quite understand why his master was so attached to Ye Wan Wan-- could it be because she was unattainable?

Right now, I can only wish that Ye Wan Wan straightens out her thinking. This way, even with Shen Meng Qi's troublemaking, it won't be a problem. Wasn't that the case for the love letter incident previously?

Maybe after master finally gets this girl, he'll realise that there was nothing special about her after all.

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