Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 42: Stay with me for six hours

Chapter 42: Stay with me for six hours

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Tattered shoes...

Shen Meng Qi's eyes were wide open; she would never have imagined Ye Wan Wan saying such a thing.

Gu Yue Ze was akin to a god to Ye Wan Wan--nobody was allowed to say anything bad about him around her.

Shen Meng Qi's heart was full of surprise and doubt so she kept staring at her, "Wan Wan, you... how could you say something like that about Mr Gu?! Ye Yi Yi was to blame for everything; her father snatched the Ye family away and she shamelessly snatched your fiance. Mr. Gu didn't have a choice! What happened exactly? Why do you think this way all of a sudden?"

With Wan Wan's undying love for Gu Yue Ze, to the point of even cutting ties with her parents, how could she give up just like that?

Ye Wan Wan simply replied, "Nothing much, I've just thought things through."

Shen Meng Qi hurriedly tried to convince her, "Wan Wan, don't be impulsive, you've had feelings for him for so many years after all..."

Ye Wan Wan yawned, obviously not interested in continuing this topic and interrupted, "I'm tired, it's time to sleep. I'll chat with you again next time!"

Shen Meng Qi wanted to say more but Ye Wan Wan was already lying in bed yawning, so she could only leave.

Why do I get the sense that after Ye Wan Wan returned to school, something's changed...

In the past, she said everything she thought but now, she's much more controlled and even her attitude's become more nonchalant.

After she was sure that Shen Meng Qi was gone, Ye Wan Wan got up and walked to the bathroom.

The conversation she had with Shen Meng Qi just now probably allowed her to achieve half of her objective.

Of course, she wanted to take this chance to express her heartfelt feelings towards Si Ye Han but with Si Ye Han's cunning, he'd think that she was aware he was around so she said all those things deliberately for him to hear.

So she wouldn't insist that he believes her. As long as he heard everything that Shen Meng Qi said just now, that would suffice.

Ye Wan Wan pulled open the bathroom door and quickly invited the great devil out, "Sorry, sorry! That person is gone! It was Meng Qi; I thought it'd be the dormitory in-charge making his rounds! It gave me quite a scare!"

When Ye Wan Wan opened the door, Si Ye Han's tall body was leaning against the basin. In the basket beside it was the pile of clothes that she'd washed and at the very top was her strawberry printed bra.

Ye Wan Wan was instantly embarrassed so she quickly took a towel and covered it. Then, she observed Si Ye Han's expression.

However, an ordinary person like her wouldn't be able to decipher his thoughts so easily. There was no expression on the man's face and she couldn't tell what he was thinking about.

Si Ye Han looked at her for a few seconds, then he caressed the delicate jaws of the girl with his fingers, his low voice lingering in the narrow washroom, "Six hours and then I'll forgive you."

"Ah? What six hours?" Ye Wan Wan didn't understand.

Si Ye Han: "Sleep with me."

Ye Wan Wan: "..."

Why is this different from what I expected?

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