Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 41: Is it my fault for looking this good?

Chapter 41: Is it my fault for looking this good?

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Ye Wan Wan admired her reflection in the mirror, that little face that looked good at every angle. She glanced sideways at Shen Meng Qi, "Is it my fault for looking this good?"

Shen Meng Qi was speechless for a moment, "That wasn't what I meant, I was just reminding you to be cautious. You've tolerated things for so long, don't give up everything now. After all, that devil had finally lost interest in you and allowed you to leave Jin garden. If he saw how good looking you are and didn't give up on you, what would you do?"

Ho ho, great devil...

Ye Wan Wan listened to Shen Meng Qi's words, held her chin and muttered, "Si Ye Han didn't mind my appearance even when I looked so atrocious, maybe he truly loves me?"

Shen Meng Qi immediately blurted out, "How could that be! He's a great devil who kills with no emotions! He especially likes torturing women! A total pervert! You were just unlucky to be the chosen one! Have you forgotten how he treated you these two years?"

Ye Wan Wan nodded, "Oh, then..."

She wasn't sure how Si Ye Han would feel after hearing Shen Meng Qi's criticism.

The Shen Meng Qi in the past could successfully put a wedge between them each time because Si Ye Han trusted her and even thought that she was on his side.

Due to her relationship with Si Ye Han, Shen Meng Qi had benefited quite a bit. She was very popular in entertainment circles and later, the whole Shen family shared the spotlight as well. Moving from being a small company to becoming part of the A-lister crowd meant a leap into the royal family.

Now all Ye Wan Wan wanted to do was destroy the trust that Si Ye Han had for Shen Meng Qi.

She's trying to undermine my relationship with Si Ye Han? Fat chance!

Shen Meng Qi was afraid that Ye Wan Wan was starting to fall for Si Ye Han, so she hurriedly pulled out her trump card, Gu Yue Ze, "Wan Wan, are you still mad at Mr Gu? To be fair, it wasn't Mr Gu's fault that other time--you were too rash. If you ran away with Mr Gu that time and explained that you had been forced to be at Jin Garden, you guys might just be together by now!

But you threw your tantrum in the end and refused to leave with him. All my efforts were wasted in helping you contact Mr Gu and distracting the servants in Jin garden!"

Ye Wan Wan listened, sighed and pretended to speak with great emotion, "Meng Qi, I know that your heart was broken for me. You helped me come up with the idea to dress atrociously to hide from Si Ye Han. It was you who's been trying to help me escape and it was also you who helped me pass messages on to Gu Yue Ze..."

Shen Meng Qi saw that Ye Wan Wan was still so foolish. Shen Meng Qi had a look of mockery in her eyes but her sincere face remained, "Wan Wan, you're my best friend. If I don't help you, who would? So listen to me, don't be at odds with Mr Gu anymore. It was so hard for you to leave Jin garden, you should take this chance to find Mr Gu. Otherwise, if this goes on, when are you ever going to get Mr Gu back?!"

Ye Wan Wan managed to pry out everything she wanted Si Ye Han to hear and was finally satisfied. She maintained her composure, looked in the direction of the bathroom and then slowly replied, "Who said that I wanted to get him back?"

Shen Meng Qi was shocked at what she heard and furrowed her brows, "Mr Gu was obviously your fiance but was stolen away by your cousin. Of course you have to get him back! Are you going to give up just like that? How could you! Wouldn't that be letting Ye Yi Yi off easy?"

Ye Wan Wan smiled wryly at how anxious Shen Meng Qi was. She touched her own features tenderly in the mirror and said faintly, "Getting back a tattered and unwanted pair of shoes? Is that necessary? If Ye Yi Yi thinks she has gotten the upper hand then let her be."

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