Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 422: The dead cannot testify

Chapter 422: The dead cannot testify

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Si Ming Li was very sure that this evidence alone was enough to condemn Xu Yi.

As long as Xu Yi dragged things out and the "truth" came to light, they would be off the hook.

Xu Yi had been the most trusted person at Si Ye Han's side; there were many things Si Ye Han entrusted to him to deal with. If it wasn't for Xu Yi sharing Si Ye Han's burden all these years, Si Ye Han's health would've been much worse.

As a matter of fact, that member of the Murderous Blood Gang whom Xu Yi contacted before wasn't someone from the gang at all - it was a mole Xu Yi secretly planted inside the Murderous Blood Gang who was actually one of their own people.

But before they could get any useful information, that person died in an accident during one of their missions.

Who knew that the real mastermind would collect all the evidence of Xu Yi contacting that mole, use him as a scapegoat, and accuse him of colluding with someone from the Murderous Blood Gang?

Now that the mole was dead, he couldn't possibly testify for Xu Yi. Due to those people who brought out this incident at such a sensitive time, Xu Yi would never be able to explain himself even if he had ten mouths.

As expected, after seeing all the evidence, Xu Yi's expression changed. "These... these are..."

Si Ming Rong glared at him. "You dare to say all this isn't real? You didn't secretly contact that person?"

"I already checked all the evidence over and over - they definitely weren't fabricated," Si Ming Li said confidently.

Xu Yi's forehead was dripping with cold sweat. He felt as if he was wrapped in a giant net. Xu Yi forced himself to maintain his composure before speaking up: "All this evidence is real - I did contact this person before, but I only contacted him because he was a mole I planted in the Murderous Blood Gang. He's one of us, and the reason why I was in contact with him was to gather intelligence!"

Si Ming Li sneered. "Tsk, a mole? One of our own? Then where's the intel you gathered, huh? Why didn't you receive any news about our master's attempted assassination this time?"

Xu Yi immediately responded, "That mole died a month ago!"

Si Ming Li nodded in understanding. "So you're saying we can only rely on your words since the dead can't testify, right?"

Xu Yi replied anxiously, "I... But everything I said was the truth!"

Si Ming Li let out a low chuckle. "I see. Then let me ask you - this project was kept completely under wraps. Aside from our internal people, outsiders all thought the master went for an ordinary business trip, so this time, why did the Murderous Blood Gang choose this precise moment to act?"

"The Murderous Blood Gang was able to seal off the entire country B, meaning they had been preparing this for at least a month. This means they already found out about the master's plans a month ago, yet coincidentally, the last time you contacted that person from the Murderous Blood Gang was also a month ago!"

"The project this time was indeed kept under wraps, but it took three entire years to prepare for it and it went through several hands - there were many opportunities for something to go wrong!"

"Then let me ask you again - when the master was surrounded by the Murderous Blood Gang, our men split in three directions to escape, so how was the Murderous Blood Gang able to locate our master instantly?"

"At that time, country B was completely under the control of the Murderous Blood Gang, so splitting our men in three directions was our last resort. Regardless of the number of splits we had, our actions were all under the nose of the Murderous Blood Gang. The reason why they didn't kill us immediately was simply because they were toying with us like a game of cat and mouse!"

Si Ming Li scoffed. "Fantastic... fantastic! What a perfect excuse! You contacted a member of the Murderous Blood Gang because he was a mole and you couldn't get the person to testify because he's dead! You said the leaking of the itinerary had nothing to do with you and the reason why the escape route was in their hands was because the Murderous Blood Gang had arms and eyes all over the country! Special assistant Xu's really scheming, what good moves! No wonder he was able to deceive the master, old madam and all of us all these years!"

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