Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 421: Evidence

Chapter 421: Evidence

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Everyone turned in unison towards the elder who interrupted the old madam.

The moment Ye Wanwan, who had been watching on the sidelines, saw the elder dressed in a Tang suit speak up, the space between her brows twitched.

"What is it?" The old madam frowned.

The elder dressed in the Tang suit made a subtle, cold glance in Xu Yi's direction then said to the old madam, "Sister-in-law, I received some information lately, but since I haven't looked into and verified it, I didn't want to mention it. But now that our master has been attacked, I added two and two together and to my surprise, something wasn't right! This is a serious case, and I personally am unable to judge, so I hope sister-in-law and everyone here will take a look into this matter together!"

Watching this scene in front of her, Ye Wanwan's expression changed.

It was exactly the same as she had expected - things were unfolding just the way they had in the past.

The person speaking was the true mastermind, Si Ye Han's fourth great-uncle, Si Ming Li!

Si Ye Han's grandfather had three younger brothers: the white-bearded elder, Si Ming Rong; Si Ming Xiao who had already passed away; and this mastermind, Si Ming Li.

Si Ming Li occupied a high position and was powerful; his status was comparable to Si Ming Rong.

Considering Ye Wanwan's current abilities, even though she knew this would happen, she was unable to stop it...

Furthermore, Si Ming Li still had an extremely powerful backer and Ye Wanwan still didn't know who that person was to this day.

In her previous life, not only did the Si family find out about Si Ming Li, but they also found out that Si Ming Li had been colluding with a mysterious person all these years.

It was a pity that when Ye Wanwan got a divorce and left the Si family, the greatest mastermind still hadn't been brought to light.

In order to find the culprit, even the seriously ill old madam encountered violent treachery...

Watching Xu Yi, who still had no clue about what was about to happen and who was sincerely hoping to nab the culprit for his master, Ye Wanwan clenched her fists tightly as she thought about his tragic end in her past life.

Shortly after, the brown portfolio Si Ming Li brought out made its way to the old madam and all the elders.

After looking at it, everyone's faces turned unusually dark.

The white-bearded elder, Si Ming Rong, had his face completely shrouded in darkness. After he placed the thick stack of documents down, he shot daggers at Xu Yi who was standing in the corner and bellowed, "Xu Yi!"

Xu Yi noticed the strange looks from the elders and furrowed his brows slightly then he took a step forward. "Here!"

Si Ming Rong slammed the table with a loud "bang." "Xu Yi! How dare you?! The Si family has never let you down, yet you betrayed us, conspiring with the Murderous Blood Gang to assassinate our master!"

"What? Betray master... conspired with the Murderous Blood Gang..." Xu Yi was in utter shock. After some time, he hastily said, "Please check your facts carefully, elder Rong. How could I possibly betray the Si family and assassinate our master! It's impossible that I could even have any connections with the Murderous Blood Gang!"

"Hmph, you won't give up until you see the coffin, huh?" Si Ming Rong tossed the documents at Xu Yi's face. "You actually said you have no connections with the Murderous Blood Gang? Then how do you explain all this!"

Ye Wanwan followed Xu Yi's gaze and certainly, she saw those were pieces of evidence of Xu Yi secretly colluding with the members of the Murderous Blood Gang - the evidence was irrefutable.

The trickiest part was that all these pieces of evidence weren't forged; they were all real. Xu Yi did, in fact, communicate with members of the Murderous Blood Gang; this point was undeniable...

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