Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 420: Thorough investigation

Chapter 420: Thorough investigation

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A vain attempt to assassinate the master to replace him? This isn't just an ordinary offense...

The white-bearded elder's words resonated throughout the entire room. Everyone kept silent in fear.

The white-bearded elder was Si Ye Han's grandfather's second younger brother, Si Ming Rong. In other words, he was Si Ye Han's second great uncle. He held the highest position and prestige in the clan; even the old madam would discuss many issues with him and listen to his opinions.

In the family, he was equivalent to a law enforcer and had been faithful and true towards the Si family all these years. He did his best to support the master of the household and was never afraid of offending anyone.

The moment Si Ming Rong said those words, almost everyone turned towards the elder dressed in a western suit, sitting in the corner and sipping his tea leisurely.

The elder in a western suit seemed to be around 60 over years old. Seeing that everyone was staring at him, his face turned slightly dark. *cough* "Uncle Rong, how could you put it that way?"

This person was Si Ye Han's father's cousin, Si Huai Liang, third great uncle's son. Previously, when Si Ye Han's father, Si Huai Zhang, passed away, Si Ye Han and a few of the uncles fought like demons. Until Si Ye Han seized the position of head of the Si family many years later, those people kept eyeing that seat.

Especially Si Huai Liang. He loved pulling strings and forming cliques. He caused a scene several times when he was drunk, displaying his dissatisfaction towards Si Ye Han and criticizing him for usurping the position when he was just a newbie. He even threatened to find someone to kill him. Hence, it was no wonder that everyone's first instinct was to blame him.

The white-bearded elder swept a stern gaze at Si Huai Liang. "It was just a guess; why are you so paranoid? Unless you're the one who sent those people?"

Si Huai Liang immediately became agitated. "Uncle Rong! You can't speak your mind like that! I think it's a little hurtful that we get suspicious of our own family members just by relying on these people's words without any evidence! Don't you all agree?"

When the others heard that, they also spoke up one after another: "Uncle Rong's suspicions aren't without reason, but this is such a serious accusation! Of course, we need to investigate thoroughly and find substantial proof!"

"That's right, the master of our family is now seriously ill and in a coma. We're without a leader; we can't have disorder amongst our own people!"

The white-bearded elder exclaimed harshly, "Of course we'll investigate! And we must start from our own people! As long as none of you have done anything wrong, what disorder will there be?"

The old madam took a deep breath and opened her eyes. When she considered how her grandson nearly lost his life, her eyes scanned every single one of them icily. All of a sudden, she said, "Uncle Zhong is right. Since we don't have any evidence, we'll investigate till we do! We'll start internally. Everyone must cooperate with the investigation - otherwise, you'll be treated as the traitor!"

"I've already warned all of you umpteen times - internal strife is strictly prohibited. No attacking each other. If I find that anyone dared to violate this, you will not be let off lightly!"

Si Huai Liang curled his lips and didn't dare to object. He said, "Yes, yes, yes great aunt, I will definitely cooperate! But I just want to make this small declaration - great aunt, you know me best. I have a sharp tongue, but I mean well. Although I made some poorly-thought-out comments before, I would never, ever do something like this to Ah-Jiu! I hope you'll have a thorough investigation!"

The old madam gave him a sidelong glance. "As long as you didn't do it, you won't be wrongly accused!"

Once the old madam finished speaking, she turned to the old housekeeper and ordered, "Pass on my order. Within three days..."

The old madam was about to give her orders when an elder sitting at the corner in a navy blue Tang suit lit up and exclaimed all of a sudden, "Hold it!"

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