Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 423: No need for further investigation

Chapter 423: No need for further investigation

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After he said his piece, Si Ming Li snapped. He raised the teacup next to him and tossed it at Xu Yi.

An ear-piercing "clang" resounded. The teacup fell to the ground and broke into pieces. Xu Yi's forehead was bleeding non-stop.

Liu Ying and Eleven stood there in a daze looking at the evidence, completely dumbfounded.

The previous two accusations were indeed questionable, but Xu Yi secretly contacting the Murderous Blood Gang was an irrefutable fact.

Xu Yi... how is this possible...

At this moment, all the elders gave Xu Yi cold and detached looks.

"Xu Yi, with all this conclusive evidence here, how are you still trying to smooth-talk your way out of this? The 'mole' who died was obviously killed by you to silence him!"

"Why did you betray the Si family and who's your master behind the scenes? What's your motive?"

"You're truly ungrateful; if it wasn't for the late master, your entire family would've already been killed by your enemies and buried in the deep sea! You actually dared to bite the hand that fed you! You're worse than a beast!"

"I think the entire Xu family has been bribed!"


The blood on Xu Yi's head trickled along his brow bone and dripped into his eyes like tears of blood...

Facing each and every one of their cold faces and dagger-like glares, he slowly lifted his blood-red eyes and said, making sure to enunciate every single word: "I did not betray my master. Every single word I said just now was the truth! My father was with the late master his whole life, and I've been by the master's side since I was little. The entire Xu family is completely loyal to master! Today, if I, Xu Yi, spoke a single lie, I'll go to hell, degenerate into an animal and be barred from reincarnating!"

Si Ming Li scoffed. "If one could prove his innocence just by swearing, I'm afraid there wouldn't be any criminals in this world."

Si Ming Rong's face was frozen as he pondered for a long time. "Let's not talk about the other issues. This evidence is indeed irrefutable. Do you have anything to prove that this person you contacted in secret was a mole like you mentioned?"

Only the mole himself can prove my innocence, and now that the mole's dead, there's nothing I can do...

"Seems like our investigation ends here." Si Ming Li turned to the old madam. "Sister-in-law, things are very clear now, so please deal out a punishment for this traitor!"

The old madam, who had kept silent all this time, looked unusually somber and had been sizing Xu Yi up several times.

The corners of Si Ming Li's lip curved upwards, revealing a bone-chilling smile - this time, Xu Yi was doomed for sure.

Not just Xu Yi alone, but the entire Xu family would be dragged into this.

"Old madam!"

At this moment, an elderly man in his sixties dressed in black pushed the door open and entered; he looked anxiously towards the silent old madam.

Hearing this, everyone's eyes turned to focus on that man.

This elderly man's name was Xu Chang Kun. He was Xu Yi's father and had fought for the Si family for 30 full years. Today, he was also one of the oldest in the Si family.

"My son, Xu Yi, would never do something devoid of conscience like colluding with the enemy. I hope old madam will stand for justice!" Xu Chang Kun's body trembled slightly. As one of the oldest in the Si family, he knew that if Xu Yi was proven guilty, there was no doubt he would die!

Even if the master of the Si family, Si Ye Han, regained consciousness right now, it would all be hopeless if there was no evidence to prove Xu Yi's innocence.

The old madam shut her eyes slightly. Her face was glacial and she didn't bother responding to Xu Chang Kun - after all, he was Xu Yi's father, so obviously he would speak up for him.

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