Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 417: Just a lesson

Chapter 417: Just a lesson

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When Xu Yi heard this, he furrowed his brows. Without any regard for his manners anymore, he interrupted Feng Qin Yu and explained, "Miss Feng, I haven't finished what I was saying just now. It's not what you think..."

Before Xu Yi could finish, Feng Qin Yu berated him sharply, "Who on earth are you?! I'm speaking to my father. Who are you to interrupt? You couldn't even protect your master; what's the point of having a useless piece of garbage like you in the Si family?"

Xu Yi's face turned red from the scolding and his fists were clenched tightly. Even Eleven, who was about to speak, felt awkward.

Feng Qin Yu looked condescendingly at Ye Wanwan with contempt in her eyes. "Since she's the one 9th brother chose to be the mistress of the household, she should've stuck with the team in a situation like this. Even if they were faced with death, she shouldn't be the only one getting out alive!"

"This cowardly woman who neglected 9th brother and the others, caring only for her own life - how could she take up the position of being the mistress of the household? According to the Si family's rules, deserting your family is enough reason to be thrashed to death by rods and fed to the dogs!"

Simply chasing Ye Wanwan away would be too lenient a punishment for her!

The other elders felt completely apathetic when they looked at Ye Wanwan and all agreed.

"Qin Yu's right. Elder Feng merely asked her to leave - that's already saving face for her."

"No matter what her status was before, from the moment she abandoned the family, she no longer has anything to do with the Si family anymore!"

"Since she thinks she isn't an outsider and insists on keeping this title, let's fulfill her wishes and treat her according to the family rules!"


Seeing as Ye Wanwan hadn't spoken a word, Feng Qin Yu slowly made her way towards her and scoffed lightly, "Tsk, why haven't you spoken once we mentioned the family rules, huh? Don't you want the title of mistress of the household? You don't want it anymore now?

"Let me warn you, I've seen plenty of women like you - people who would go through dirty means for the sake of money and power. You still dream of becoming the mistress of the household? I find you abhorrent even as a playtoy for 9th brother!"

Watching this socialite suddenly launching an attack on her, Ye Wanwan looked at her with complete indifference as all the memories from the past surfaced.

Feng Qin Yu, we meet again...

The expression in Ye Wanwan's eyes changed very quickly; first, she gave Xu Yi and Eleven a meaningful glance to hold their horses. After that, she looked casually at Feng Qin Yu. "Miss Feng, may I ask you a question?"

Feng Qin Yu looked at her calmly, "Sure, go ahead!"

I want to see what kind of tricks she has up her sleeves at a moment like this!

"According to what Miss Feng said just now, you already acknowledged my status as the future mistress of the household, right?" Ye Wanwan asked.

Feng Qin Yu crossed her arms with a face of mockery and disdain. "9th brother and grandma already acknowledged it, so how could I not?"

This dumb woman, she's still hoarding this status at this point.

When Ye Wanwan heard that, she nodded and turned to Xu Yi, "Housekeeper Xu, are there any rules in the family on how to punish someone who offends his or her superiors and is disrespectful towards the mistress of the household?"

Xu Yi replied instinctively, "According to the family rules, one who is disrespectful to the mistress of the household should be severely punished..."

The moment Xu Yi's words landed, a loud slap resounded.

Ye Wanwan gave Feng Qin Yu a tight slap right in front of everyone's dumbstruck gazes.

Feng Qin Yu was in a complete daze. She stood there holding her face blankly and the others were tongue-tied and stunned; even the old madam who had been observing indifferently at the side gave a look of surprise.

Under everyone's shocked gazes, Ye Wanwan slowly retracted her hand and said very casually and calmly, "No need for severe punishment - let this slap be a lesson for Miss Feng."

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