Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 418: Saved everyone's lives

Chapter 418: Saved everyone's lives

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"You hit me... you actually dared to hit me! Just a lowly and vile playtoy like you actually dared to act with the power of the mistress of the household and dared to teach me a lesson?!"

Feng Qin Yu was so mad that her face turned the color of a pig's liver. She raised her hand and was about to slap Ye Wanwan brutally. "B****!"

The next second, Xu Yi and Eleven took a step forward at the same time like two boulders, blocking off access to Ye Wanwan.

Eleven: "Miss Feng! You can't be disrespectful towards Miss Wanwan!"

Xu Yi: "Miss Feng, please be mindful of your words and actions!"

Feng Qin Yu glared at the two of them in a fiery rage. "Great... really great... two truly loyal and devoted dogs! Are you guys completely smitten by this vixen that you've forgotten who your master is? Both of you are actually shielding a cowardly and ungrateful slut?"

A murderous intention in Eleven's eyes flashed as he spoke without a trace of warmth, "Miss Feng, Miss Wanwan certainly did not choose to die with us, but she saved all of our lives!"

Feng Qin Yu was stunned before she let out a laugh. "Saved everyone's lives? This woman? In order to protect this vixen, you guys could come up with any kind of nonsense, huh? How dare you speak without thinking in front of grandma, in front of all of us!"

"Qin Yu, keep quiet!" The old madam shot a stern look at Feng Qin Yu then turned to Eleven and asked, "What you just said now - was that the truth?"

Faced with the old madam's and all the elders' questioning gazes, Eleven's expression was unperturbed as he said, "I would never dare to lie. If it wasn't for Miss Wanwan, I'm afraid we would all be corpses now, including master!"

"Miss Wanwan was quick-witted; her courage and insight were even more admirable. She was simply pretending to leave with us at that time but after that, she came up with the idea of disguising us as another power that the Murderous Blood Gang was extremely fearful of. She went forward and scared off every single one of them so we could escape! Miss Feng went overboard by insulting and speaking so rudely to Miss Wanwan just now!"

Although this retelling of events was very short, only people like them who had personally experienced it could understand how dangerous it was - if they were just a little more careless, they would have no hope of surviving.

Xu Yi, who was next to him, continued, "At that point, our people were already up against the Murderous Blood Gang, and Liu Ying and Song Jing were severely injured. It was Miss Wanwan who led Dark Team 1 to us in time. In the beginning, we all misunderstood Miss Wanwan as well; we only found out the truth when we were safely out of harm's way and Eleven and the others revealed their faces!"

After Eleven and Xu Yi finished speaking, the entire room entered a weird silence.

Everyone returned o their senses after a long time. The elders present turned to look at each other, surprised.

"Are you sure? It was that brat who saved all of you in the end?"

"How could it be... I thought a powerful force came to help..."


The old madam turned to the only person who hadn't spoken, Liu Ying. She asked him solemnly, "Liu Ying, were Xu Yi and Eleven telling the truth?"

Liu Ying pursed his lips. Although there were many things he wasn't happy with Ye Wanwan about, he couldn't possibly lie to this kind of question. So in the end, he lowered his head and answered truthfully, "Yes, it's true, old madam. Indeed, Miss Wanwan's plan saved us all."

Hearing what Liu Ying said, Qin Ruo Xi's eyes shifted subtly.

"How... how is that possible..." At this moment, Feng Qin Yu had a complete change in expression.

It was actually this witch, who only knows how to show off her charm, who saved 9th brother and the others...

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