Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 416: She's an outsider afterall

Chapter 416: She's an outsider afterall

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After listening to the reports of Xu Yi and the others, all the elders from the Si Corporation turned solemn.

How many people are eyeing this position of the mistress of the household?

Initially, when Si Ye Han didn't have a woman by his side, everyone lived together in harmony. Who knew that Si Ye Han would bring a stranger into the old residence to meet the old madam all of a sudden, breaking the superficial peace they had.

As they were intimidated by Si Ye Han's power, everyone remained silent about this, but it didn't mean they didn't have any opinions. This kind of discontentment would only gradually intensify over time.

One of the elders sitting on the sofa with a purple teapot in his hand said languidly, "That lady is an outsider, after all - she really didn't have to be dragged into the Si family's disputes. Special assistant Xu's actions were right. There was no problem at all; I agree with what he said."

The elder turned to look plainly at Ye Wanwan who was standing in the corner. "Since this is the case, now our family has to have internal discussions with classified information, so I request for this lady to be excused."

Ye Wanwan discreetly glanced at the person speaking.

Each individual in the Si family's internal department was part of a direct line of descendants. The competition between subdivisions was very strong and was divided into many denominations. The person speaking had close relations with the Qin family and was one of Qin Ruo Xi's important supporters.

In the beginning, the woman with the highest potential to be the mistress of the household was Qin Ruo Xi. In order to butter up the Qin family, these people invested in many bargaining chips, had entangled relationships and inextricably linked interests with the Si family. Now that this outsider had suddenly taken up this position, how could they sit back and do nothing?

Furthermore, these people were very good at reading body language - once they saw that the old madam was slightly unsatisfied with her, they grabbed hold of this perfect opportunity to get rid of her.

With just a few words, she was publicly denied her rightful place.

As expected, although the old madam frowned, she didn't say anything.

No big deal - Ye Wanwan had been fearful and on edge these past few days, so she couldn't wait to get some rest. Who cared about the lengthy talks of these people here?


Ye Wanwan glanced at Xu Yi. In her previous life, the real traitor tried to cover up for himself so the moment Si Ye Han and the others returned, they immediately made a move on Xu Yi and accused him of being the spy, making him a scapegoat...

She had a feeling that even though she changed the course of events by interfering, the Si family still had to thoroughly investigate to find the main culprit for this incident. After the plans of the mastermind failed, there was a high chance they would find someone to take the fall for their crimes.

So, what happened next could very well be the same as in her previous life...

Seeing that Ye Wanwan was still standing there unmoving with a brazen expression, the elder's eyes turned icy. "Excuse me, miss, do you have something to say? If not, please leave."

At this moment, Qin Ruo Xi came to Ye Wanwan's rescue, "Uncle Feng, Miss Ye is Ah-Jiu's girlfriend and also the future mistress of the household. She's not considered an outsider."

The moment Qin Ruo Xi said that a piercing sneer came from the door, "Tsk, mistress of the household? What a joke! How is she even qualified?"

The elders turned to the girl, "Qin Yu, why are you here?"

"Dad, I'm here to accompany grandma. Just now, I heard you all saying that 9th brother was in danger, yet this shameless woman abandoned him and the others and ran away by herself!" Feng Qin Yu said indignantly.

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