Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 415: They're back

Chapter 415: They're back

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Si family's old residence:

The old madam was having an urgent meeting with Qin Ruo Xi, the senior managers of the company and a group of family elders to discuss a rescue plan when they heard a pair of urgent footsteps coming towards the door.

Following that, the door of the study was pushed open and the servant was extremely emotional as he panted, "Old... old madam... back... 9th master and the others are back!"

The old madam went blank for a moment then her face filled with joy. "What did you say? Little 9th is back?"

Qin Ruo Xi instantly stood up as well. "Where are they now?"

"They're already at the door!"

The old madam struggled to get up. "Quick! Quick, bring me over!"

The housekeeper immediately helped the old madam up and together they walked briskly towards the main gate.

Before, when the old madam heard the bad news, she couldn't even stand properly, but now she was able to run like she was flying, eager to see her grandson immediately.

Indeed, there were a few cars parked at the gate. Xu Yi, Liu Ying, and the others came out of the car, one after another.

After them, Si Ye Han was slowly and carefully carried out of the car by a few men. Ye Wanwan got out of the car and followed closely.

Seeing Si Ye Han being carried out of the car, the old madam's excitement turned to panic. "Little 9th is injured?"

Xu Yi quickly placated her: "9th master's not injured, old madam, don't worry. It's just that he over-exerted himself, so he fainted. I will need old madam's help to call Dr. Sun over as soon as possible to take a look at 9th master!"

The old madam had numerous questions on her mind, but at this moment, all her attention was trained on her grandson. She swiftly got the old housekeeper to call Sun Bai Cao and allowed everyone to carefully carry Si Ye Han inside.

In just a brief moment, Si Ye Han was surrounded by the old madam, Qin Ruo Xi, a group of elders and servants.

Ye Wanwan was squeezed out of the group and could only follow far behind them.

In the bedroom:

After confirming that her grandson was unconscious due to over-exertion and hadn't sustained any injuries, the old madam's heart finally calmed down a little. But seeing her grandson's pale and weak complexion and his extreme fatigue that made him unconscious, her eyes turned red as she trembled and held onto her grandson's fingers tightly.

After she collected herself, the old madam turned to Xu Yi and the others with a serious expression. "What happened exactly? How were you able to escape?"

Xu Yi immediately recounted what happened to the old madam. Everyone present weighed each word as he spoke.

"On the third day when we were en route to country B and were getting ready to continue on our journey, 9th master's body couldn't take it any longer and he fainted all of a sudden. Not long after that, the bodyguards got the news that country B was controlled by an outside power - they investigated and confirmed that the power was actually the Murderous Blood Gang."

"At the time, our connections with the outside world were cut off completely, so we could be slaughtered by anybody. Old madam, one thing you should be clear on is that even if we doubled or tripled the number of men we brought along, we couldn't take on the Murderous Blood Gang."

"In a situation like this, I could only allocate a small team to escort Miss Wanwan to safety. The other party's target was obviously the Si family, so they wouldn't care if an unimportant person was missing..."

Worried that the old madam would blame Xu Yi, Eleven chimed in, "Under those circumstances, we wouldn't be able to change the outcome even if we stayed, so special assistant Xu Yi got us to protect Miss Wanwan and leave."

The old madam could not blame Xu Yi for the way he handled the situation.

"Xu Yi knows Little 9th best. If Little 9th was awake then, he would definitely have done the same." Even though this was what the old madam said, she still frowned slightly, a tinge of disappointment in her eyes.

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