Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 414: Xu Yi's fate

Chapter 414: Xu Yi's fate

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If she remembered correctly, Xu Yi's tragedy was closely linked to the attack on Si Ye Han.

In her previous life, after the huge incident of Si Ye Han being attacked, the Si family naturally wanted to conduct a thorough investigation to find the main culprit.

This investigation pointed them to their own people - it was a traitor within the company.

And this traitor... was Si Ye Han's most competent and trusted assistant, Xu Yi...

Due to Xu Yi's position and influence, everyone in the Si family was shocked.

During that time, Si Ye Han was still unconscious, so the old madam, the senior managers of the company and the elders in the family were the ones who dealt with this.

Many higher-ups in the senior management did a joint investigation and finally determined that the evidence was undeniable.

Their equipment was robbed, the entire team of bodyguards and secret agents were injured and there were innumerable casualties. Furthermore, Si Ye Han was still in a coma at the time. With such severe accusations on Xu Yi, the extreme punishment dealt by the Si family was to be expected.

At that time, Xu Yi tried his best to explain and begged for a second chance, denying all the accusations. With the irrefutable evidence, no one believed him or stood by his side.

In the end, Xu Yi was isolated and was offered no help at all. His entire family was exterminated and he was the only one lucky enough to escape.

But to Xu Yi, being alive was more painful than death.

He had to bear the label of a traitor forever and the pain of losing his family. He had to live the remaining years of his life in anguish and torture...

Ye Wanwan remembered that when Si Ye Han found him, Xu Yi's right leg was disabled. He covered himself in rags and was lying under the overpass, deranged and delirious.

Although Si Ye Han found the real culprit after he awoke, this was meaningless to Xu Yi.

Subsequently, Si Ye Han brought Xu Yi home and sent someone to care for and treat him, but not long after, Xu Yi disappeared one night during a heavy storm and didn't reappear. People weren't sure whether he was dead or alive...

Since that incident, Si Ye Han kept everybody at a distance. Mentioning Xu Yi's name was taboo - nobody ever dared to bring him up.

Therefore, Xu Yi's fate in her previous life was pretty tragic... not just ordinarily tragic...

In her previous life, Xu Yi was responsible for every matter of hers. Back then, she caused trouble every day and nitpicked at every single thing. It was always Xu Yi who had to clean up her mess.

Although Xu Yi had his guard up around her, he was always responsible and dutiful. He even helped her cover up countless troublesome incidents and tried his best to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings between Si Ye Han and her. When Xu Yi left, her life in the Si family became even more difficult.

And in this life, Xu Yi had helped her lots too...

If it was possible, she hoped Xu Yi would not meet such a tragic ending...

"Miss Wanwan... Miss Wanwan..."

Xu Yi's voice suddenly resounded in her ear, making Ye Wanwan, who was immersed in her memories, jump and return to her senses. "What?"

"Liu Ying and Song Jing's injuries have already been treated. We're ready to leave," Xu Yi said.

"Oh, alright," Ye Wanwan nodded then subconsciously furrowed her brows.

Although Xu Yi met such a tragic ending in her previous life, she had already drastically altered the course of events in this life, so according to the butterfly effect, there was a high chance that Xu Yi's fate would change too, right?

Maybe in this life, things wouldn't turn out that way?

Hopefully, she was just worrying irrationally...

Otherwise, under this situation when Si Ye Han was still unconscious, Xu Yi's situation would really be terrible...

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