Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 409: Master was "tainted"

Chapter 409: Master was "tainted"

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They all assumed she was just a coward who was only interested in saving her own neck - who'd think she would actually lead them out of their impasse...?

Under all the bodyguards' awestruck gazes and icy glares from Liu Ying and the others who were still in the dark, the woman in a black chiffon dress slowly walked towards the opposite party one step at a time. The golden silk emitted a cold aura as she spoke languidly: "The people in our way are gone. Now, we can finally start our main course..."

Eleven and the other bodyguards weren't skeptical of Ye Wanwan's words at all and followed her like her shadow.

Liu Ying spat out, "Witch! Just kill us if you want to! Stop talking nonsense!"

When Ye Wanwan heard that, the corners of her lips lifted - why couldn't she ever escape the name "witch"?

Ye Wanwan hid her expression. She maintained a cold gaze and lifted her hand.

Dark Team 1 got the signal and immediately surrounded everyone.

They were Si Ye Han's elite force, so naturally, all these remaining people were no match for them at all. Furthermore, Liu Ying and Song Jing were already gravely injured.

Liu Ying and the others could only watch as their people entered the wolves' pit one by one, right after escaping from a tiger's cave.

It wasn't a good idea for them to linger there, so Ye Wanwan didn't delay any longer. Following Ye Wanwan's orders, Liu Ying and the others were "seized" and quickly transported to a safe place.

After Ye Wanwan was sure they were out of danger, she got out of the car and walked towards the car in the middle.

Eleven respectfully opened the door of the backseat for her. All Ye Wanwan could see was a pale, frosty man lying in the car.

When saw Si Ye Han again, there was an inexplicable feeling in her heart.

Although the process was extremely dangerous, she finally changed course from her previous life.

What happened in her previous life wouldn't happen again - Si Ye Han wouldn't be severely injured and his condition wouldn't deteriorate to that stage; he might even have a chance of recovery...

From the moment she discovered that Si Ye Han was going to country B a week ago, she started planning.

With all her strength and might, she was unable to prevent this incident from happening in the first place, so she was left with only this method - she had to use the secrets she found out in her previous life and disguise herself as the only feared enemy of the Murderous Blood Gang - the Rose of Death.

Actually, she didn't have any experience in playing the part of a perverted, bloodthirsty, demonic woman, but thankfully, when she really got into the role, it was easier than expected. Plus, Si Ye Han's Dark Team 1 was truly well-trained and worked perfectly with her, successfully tricking those people. They even scared Qiu Hong Hai so much that he personally shot Grim Reaper Eugene.

"Don't lay a finger on master!" Ye Wanwan had just extended her arm when Liu Ying started howling like a crazy man.

"What if I insist on touching him, huh?" Ye Wanwan spoke as her fingers lightly caressed Si Ye Han's face.

Following that, under everyone's gaze, Ye Wanwan bent over and imprinted her red lips directly on the man's cold, thin lips.

"You! I'll kill you——"

Seeing his master getting "tainted," Liu Ying immediately exploded in violent fury.

Ye Wanwan watched as Liu Ying charged towards her. She remained silently by Si Ye Han's side without any change in her expression.

As expected, once Liu Ying got close to her, he was immediately stopped by Eleven who was at Ye Wanwan's side - he couldn't even touch the edges of her clothes.

Since she felt that she hadn't enraged Liu Ying enough, Ye Wanwan gave him the side eye and said, "Tsk, not only do I want to touch him, but I want to sleep with him too!"

All the bodyguards at the side: "..."

*cough cough* Miss Wanwan, please stop playing...

Liu Ying wasn't beaten to death by the Murderous Blood Gang but almost died from anger thanks to her...

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