Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 410: Unbelievable

Chapter 410: Unbelievable

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Liu Ying was indeed so mad that he was close to exploding. He charged even more crazily towards Ye Wanwan without any regard for his life, like he was ready to take her down with him.

Eleven couldn't hold it in anymore and yelled, "Liu Ying! Stop!"

Hearing this utterly familiar voice, Liu Ying froze in his attacking position as he turned to the man in a daze. "You..."

Eleven removed the mask from his face, turned to Liu Ying and said, "Liu Ying, don't be rash. It's me!"

"You... Eleven?" After Liu Ying saw his face underneath the mask, he was stunned. Even Xu Yi was dumbfounded.

All of them who had been prepared for a life-or-death struggle were stupefied.

What made them even more shocked was when the Black Widow and the rest of her entourage also removed the masks from their faces...

Seeing everybody revealing their true faces and seeing familiar faces one after another, Liu Ying, Xu Yi, Song Jing and everyone else felt like they were in a dream.

These people... these members of the Rose of Death... were actually Dark Team 1 who escorted Ye Wanwan away?!

Didn't they leave already?

What's going on here exactly?

Why did the members of the Rose of Death turn into Dark Team 1?

Could it be... that this whole thing was fake?

Was Dark Team 1 disguising as the Rose of Death?

This is simply unbelievable...

If the Rose of Death was Dark Team 1, then... the Black Widow...

A lightbulb went off in Liu Ying's mind when his eyes swiftly shifted towards Ye Wanwan.

Noticing Liu Ying's shocked gaze, Ye Wanwan slowly removed her hat, revealing the stunning face that was concealed by the black veil.

Witnessing that woman's face slowly emerging from behind the black veil, Liu Ying's pupils gradually constricted and eventually showed extreme shock and confusion; it was as if his entire body had turned into a hardened statue.

Ye Wanwan smiled. "Captain Liu Ying, I trust you've been well since we last met."

After being in a trance for a full ten seconds, Liu Ying finally returned to his senses. "Ye... Ye Wanwan!!!"

How... how is this possible?!

The Black Widow was actually Ye Wanwan?

The woman with that powerful aura who scared the Murderous Blood Gang so much that they fled like drowning dogs [1] was... Ye Wanwan?

Liu Ying and everyone else was flabbergasted as they stood there like they'd just seen a ghost.

"How... how's it you... didn't you leave already... and Dark Team 1... you guys... how could you guys..." Liu Ying was in so much shock that he couldn't even speak coherently.

Xu Yi's face was also relatively surprised - no wonder he thought this woman's figure and tone were somewhat familiar, especially when she got close to master and infuriated Liu Ying on purpose - that familiarity was striking.

But he never expected that she was actually... actually Ye Wanwan!

Song Jing, who was standing next to Liu Ying, had a completely blank face as well. He had no idea how to react.

The person who saved his life just now... was actually that useless troublemaker who only knew how to drag them down?

Everyone looked at one another in confusion. After a long while, they finally snapped out of it.

"Eleven, this... how did all this happen?" Liu Ying asked in surprise.

Eleven had already anticipated their reaction and smiled. "It's a long story. Anyway, it's all thanks to Miss Wanwan this time. Let's talk after we get into the house! All of your injuries must be treated immediately!"

Liu Ying: "..."

Treat our injuries my a**! Who cares about our injuries right now? I'm on the verge of going nuts!

[1]: Bad people who had lost power

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