Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 408: Have some fun with them

Chapter 408: Have some fun with them

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At this moment, Eugene's intestines turned green. He regretted acting so rashly and taking such risks.

But it was too late to say anything now.

Thus, Eugene immediately turned to Qiu Hong Hai and said, "Boss, so what if they're the Rose of Death? They haven't appeared in ten years - who knows how powerful they are now? Maybe they're just putting on an act here! We'll be able to exterminate them for sure! Then, wouldn't we make a name for our gang?"

When the entourage behind the black-veiled woman heard that, they all burst out in laughter like they just heard the funniest joke.

"Hahahahaha... master's right... it's been quite some time since we've met such an interesting bunch!"

"Want to test the strength of the Rose of Death? Why don't we have some fun with them today, huh?"

"Don't die right away! You must live!"

Their laughter was deranged and ear-piercing, reverberating above their heads and causing their bones to tremble.

At this moment, Qiu Hong Hai was unable to maintain his composure any longer; the Murderous Blood Gang, which could cause one to be terror-stricken at the mention of their name, was a weak little sheep about to be slaughtered in front of these people.

Qiu Hong Hai turned to Eugene and yelled, "SHUT YOUR MOUTH!"

Nevermind if Eugene died alone, but now he was dragging the entire gang down - they could be destroyed!

They didn't have any options left...

In order to protect the gang, Eugene had to die.

Qiu Hong Hai's thoughts moved rapidly. He came to a decision very quickly as he took the gun from Little Clown's hand without warning and aimed it at Eugene's head.

"Boss! You..."

A "bang——" resounded. Eugene's words hadn't even left his mouth when Qiu Hong Hai blasted his brains out.

His bloody flesh and shattered skull splattered on the face of the man next to him. A thick, bloody stench lingered in the air, causing one to feel nauseous.

"Senior, I wasn't strict enough so my man was insensible and made senior mad! I dealt with this person, so I hope senior will be satisfied!" Qiu Hong Hai remained in an apologetic bow after speaking like he was waiting for his sentence.

The beads of sweat on Qiu Hong Hai's forehead fell to the ground, drop by drop...

After some time, the follower next to the Black Widow looked towards his master for her command then he finally glanced coldly at Qiu Hong Hai and exclaimed, "Get lost!"

"Yes... thank you, senior... thank you senior Hai Han..." Just those two words made Qiu Hong Hai act like he received amnesty; he thanked her repeatedly then commanded all his subordinates to withdraw without delay, afraid that she would renege on her words. They didn't dare to pause for a second.

The group of people vanished in a split second.

They retreated...

The Murderous Blood Gang actually... retreated just like that...

Liu Ying and the others stood rooted to the ground as they watched the members of the Murderous Blood Gang retreat like the tide. They were beyond amazed.

After they returned to their senses, they were in even more despair and fear.

If they were facing the Murderous Blood Gang, they might've had a chance at winning, but now they were facing the Rose of Death - they wouldn't even have a chance to resist...

Liu Ying and the others stared at the group of people opposite like they were an incoming enemy.

After the Murderous Blood Gang left, the bodyguards around Ye Wanwan didn't dare to act blindly without thinking and remained in their disguise, waiting for instructions from Ye Wanwan.

Initially, they were like Liu Ying and the others - they didn't understand why their master would choose this kind of delicate greenhouse flower.

But this time, Ye Wanwan's refusal to leave, insistence on forcing them to change into disguises, and ability to make the Murderous Blood Gang retreat completely changed the way they looked at this woman and there was even a hint of admiration in their eyes...

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