Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 407: Leave without his life

Chapter 407: Leave without his life

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Just as Qiu Hong Hai, Jason and the others were beginning to get suspicious, the woman suddenly made a move.

All they saw was the woman raising her fingers as fair as jade, lightly playing with a wisp of black hair by her ear. When she lifted her arm, her long sleeve slowly revealed her elbow then the wisp of gold silk that the woman was twirling instantly entered Eugene's sight...

The woman's eyes under the veil were like a beast strangling its prey as she looked at Eugene and said gently in a dark, infernal voice, "Are you talking about... this?"

In her previous life, Si Ye Han didn't hide anything from her even if he was discussing classified information, so she knew about more than just the gang's wardrobe.

She hadn't expected that those stories she listened to while she was bored would become so useful now...

From Eugene's perspective, he could see clearly that an extremely simple piece of golden silk was wrapped around the woman's wrist.

Eugene's look of ridicule immediately froze on his face. His eyes constricted due to fear and his body instinctively took a step back quickly.

Everyone assumed that the Black Widow's weapon was complicated and scary, but only those who had seen it before would know that the terrifying killing weapon was simply just a line of golden silk.

But it was this line of golden silk that was stained with the blood of countless legendary fighters...

After seeing that piece of golden silk, Eugene was no longer as calm as before. His body shook all over and he could no longer speak properly. "Thank... thank you senior... seeing it today... it's... certainly remarkable..."

Eugene spoke incoherently as he watched the murderous intention in the woman's eyes; one movement of that woman's fingers could extinguish his life.

As expected, when he was about to turn and leave, the woman's languid voice came from behind, "Since you know so much about my golden silk, then naturally, you should know... the consequences... of whoever's seen it?"

Of course he knew... those who had seen the golden silk... were all dead...

Seeing the murderous intention in the Black Widow's eyes becoming increasingly stronger, Eugene's body stiffened. He didn't dare to say a word and could only turn to Qiu Hong Hai and said anxiously, "Boss, let's go! There's no need to turn everything upside down here for a mission!"

It really was the Rose of Death, and if they angered them, their entire organization would be dragged into it.

Qiu Hong Hai looked at Eugene's reaction and knew he'd confirmed the Black Widow's identity from seeing her weapon. He made a prompt decision and immediately ordered all his men, "Everyone, retreat now!"

After speaking, he turned to the black-veiled woman and hurriedly cupped one fist in the other hand (as a sign of respect). "Since these are people that senior wants, we obviously wouldn't dare to keep them. We'll leave this instant! Please forgive us if we have offended senior in any way today!"


As they were about to leave, an enchanting laughter that gave them the creeps came from behind.

The woman lazily grasped her guard's arm, turned around and looked at the rest of her entourage and exclaimed, "It's been a long time since we've met such reckless people- how amusing! Right, guys?"

When Bodyguard Eleven heard Ye Wanwan's words, he immediately understood her implication and his cold gaze swept across the Murderous Blood Gang who were ready to leave as he said in an icy tone, "Hold it there! Has master allowed you guys to leave? You still dared to play tricks like this even when you knew my master's rules. Captain Qiu, have you considered the consequences?"

Hearing that, Qiu Hong Hai stopped in his tracks while Eugene's singlet was soaked in cold sweat.

It was clearly implied that they wanted him to leave without his life!

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