Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 406: Raised suspicion

Chapter 406: Raised suspicion

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"Boss, these people... are they really the Rose of Death?" At this moment, a skinny, red-haired member of the Murderous Blood Gang walked over to Qiu Hong Hai's side and whispered in his ear.

Qiu Hong Hai's face darkened. His identity had already been exposed, so aside from the Rose of Death, who else could have access to such information?

Little clown Jason observed the row of people opposite and mumbled, "Those people by her side are all high-level experts as well."

It was known to all how the Black Widow loved capturing highly-revered and good-looking leaders, so everything fit.

Eugene didn't say a word; his expression was ugly the entire time.

Due to this woman's appearance, a nobody, whom he almost killed, actually attacked his Achilles' heel and escaped from his clutches - it was an utter embarrassment.

The red-haired guy mumbled to himself doubtfully, "But the appearance of this group of people really is too strange... the Rose of Death's been inactive for ten years, so why would they appear now all of a sudden?"

The red-haired guy thought about it and continued, "Furthermore, we've been talking for such a long time, yet why haven't we seen the personal weapon of the Black Widow?"

Hearing what the red-haired guy said, Eugene's eyes lit up instantly. "That's right! I almost forgot about that! The Black Widow's extremely swift so nobody's seen her weapon clearly before, but I was lucky to see the sketch from a reclusive craftsman. I can tell if it's authentic or not with just one look..."

"Have you really seen it before?" Qiu Hong Hai asked.

"Without a doubt!"

"How does that thing look like? I heard it's very complex? There's no way there's a fake out there!" Qiu Hong Hai said in a low voice.

Eugene sneered, "Tsk, how does it look like? Other than the Black Widow herself and the people within the Rose of Death, absolutely no one knows! And that craftsman was once a member of the Rose of Death! If Old Sixth hadn't mentioned it just now, I would've forgotten about it. I will find out that woman's true identity right now!"

Eugene spoke while rubbing his injured shoulder with a darkened expression then he took a step forward, looking in the direction of the black-veiled woman. He said, "I'm Alex Eugene. I've highly revered you for a long time and heard that your Golden Cicada silk is quite formidable - you're able to sever heads from a thousand miles away... not sure if we're fortunate enough to see it today?"

Hearing Eugene the Ripper's words, the Dark Team 1 leader by Ye Wanwan's side, who had just relaxed a little, instantly tensed up again.

The other bodyguards also became alert.

We're done for...

Clothing and makeup were easy to replicate and it wouldn't be a big issue even if there were some inaccuracies but with weapons, especially the personal weapon of the Black Widow, only the true members of the Rose of Death would know how it really looked.

In addition to figuring out how the weapon looked like, even if they knew, making it would definitely be very complicated - it wasn't something that could be forged easily.

Ye Wanwan might have special means of finding out about some things, but this...

Since the Murderous Blood Gang brought it up, obviously they were prepared and knew the Black Widow's weapon very well. If they simply brought out a random weapon, they'd definitely see through it with one glance.

What should we do now?

We've already gotten so far; how can we fail now?

It wasn't obvious on their faces but everyone was already prepared for the worst.

Seeing that the black-veiled woman hadn't replied after a long time, a mocking smirk appeared on Eugene's face as he said casually, "What is it? Senior, don't tell me you left in a rush today so you forgot to bring it with you, huh?"

A dead silence filled the air with only the howling of the wind heard. In just a moment, the atmosphere became extremely stagnant.

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