Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 405: A better-looking gigolo than Si Ye Han

Chapter 405: A better-looking gigolo than Si Ye Han

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There wasn't a single news story about them in ten years, yet the Black Widow had her eyes on the Si family...

"Senior, you too have an interest in the Si family?" K probed, trying to fish out information.

After all, this kind of organization that only existed in rumors was too mysterious - even K had never seen them before. Although this woman seemed to have great power, K still had his doubts about her identity, being the cautious person he was.

The woman stroked her nails languidly. "Do I need to inform you about whomever I'm interested in?"

"No need! No need! Of course, you don't have to! Just that..."

Hearing the murderous tone of the woman, K looked like he was in a difficult position and thought carefully before he said, "Senior, even if I was given 100 guts, I wouldn't dare to compete with you for someone you wanted, but what a coincidence this time - our mission was to get these people as well. If we fail, it's very difficult for us to account for it, so can we work something out with you, senior...?"

"Oh? What do you have in mind?" The woman glanced at him casually.

K shifted his gaze and suggested politely, "The person whom senior has taken a fancy to is only the head of the Si family; if senior allows us, the Murderous Blood Gang, to take these people away today, I will definitely offer a better-looking gigolo! Senior will be satisfied for sure!"

"Tsk..." A woman's chuckle reverberated in the air.

Her laughter made one's bones tremble.

K picked up an inexplicably bad premonition and didn't know what the woman meant by her laugh. His heart pounded continuously as he said, "Senior..."

The stormy rain and strong winds came abruptly, turning the skies gloomy.

Although the woman's tone was still languid and casual, the atmosphere underwent a complete change. "How about you offer yourself to me, huh? Those little cuties of mine should be very interested in you!"

Out came a huge sense of oppression that even an SSS level mercenary like him couldn't withstand, causing his forehead to overflow with cold sweat. Qiu Hong Hai immediately replied, "No... no, I wouldn't dare!"

Those little cuties that this woman mentioned weren't just any cute pets - they were wild dogs that had been feeding on human blood and flesh ever since they were little.

To her, the leader of the Murderous Blood Gang was only good enough to feed to her dogs.

Such insulting comments came from her mouth, yet he didn't even dare to show a hint of anger.

"Wouldn't dare? But I think you have quite some guts, treating me like a hungry and thirsty slut, huh? You think I'd touch any kind of garbage?" The atmosphere around the woman became even more intolerable and the mysterious troop behind her entered combat mode as well.

"How could that be? I definitely didn't mean it that way!" Qiu Hong Hai's back was almost soaked in sweat.

I failed, as expected...

How could the Black Widow give up on what she wants?

Furthermore, she's extremely fussy when it comes to men.

However, this mission's extremely important; I can't fail.

With that thought, K was stuck in a dilemma.

On the other side, Liu Ying and the others were filled with fury as they listened to these two powers bargaining, treating their master like a toy.

But at this moment, they were like meat on someone else's chopping board - under such strong powers, they could only allow themselves to be trampled upon.

At this moment, the tall and lean subordinate next to the woman suddenly burst forth with iciness in his eyes as he shot a look towards the Murderous Blood Gang. "Get out of our way then!"

"Ye... Yes yes..." Qiu Hong Hai hurriedly retreated to one side.

The prey he'd gotten ahold of escaped just like that. It was obvious that Qiu Hong Hai was unwilling to give up, but as the saying went, 'the mantis stalks the cicada, but behind them lurks the oriole' [1], the woman was someone he couldn't afford to offend.

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