Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 404: Only one outcome

Chapter 404: Only one outcome

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It was said that everyone in the organization dressed in a jacket with a rose embroidered on it and wore a silver mask on their face; the leader of the group was a woman who wore a black dress with a black veil covering her face and people called her the Black Widow.

Nobody knew where this woman came from or her age. It was rumored that she was already over 60 years old but had a youthful look and there were some who said she looked frightening and sinister...

And this woman was always accompanied by her men - although not in large numbers, one could tell from their aura and steady steps that they weren't ordinary men. They looked like they were ice-cold human weapons.

Their appearance and style of dress were all in line with the rumors. Leading a troop like this...

"Could... could it be... that she's... the Black Widow?" Eugene staggered and took a step back with Jason.

Talk about perverted and blood-thirsty - this woman was the absolute pioneer. Her methods were a thousand times more savage than Eugene's.

And this woman especially liked men who were good looking and of a high status; even the chief of the Si Bo Ge clan in country M was captured by her.

At the time, the So Bo Ge clan showed up in full strength vicious for revenge, but in the end, they were completely exterminated overnight.

Ten years ago, when the Rose of Death was the most active, they provoked many formidable powers, always resulting in the destruction of those formidable powers.

Even if it was an entire nation, it was simply a toy that could easily be crushed in the palm of the Rose of Death, much less a clan.

If they fought with a power like this, there'd only be one outcome - death.

No wonder...

No wonder this woman actually hit the nail on the head and found out where their trap was. She even knew every bit of inside information about K.

At the same time, Liu Ying and the others already felt something was amiss and retreated a few meters back.

"Rose of Death!?" The hope that had just risen in Liu Ying instantly turned into even deeper despair.

"How's that possible!" Xu Yi's face was shrouded in fear.

Isn't that the legendary organization? There hasn't been any news about them for ten years!

Initially, when he saw that woman helping Song Jing, he thought they were reinforcements. Who knew that they were an even scarier opponent and judging by the other party's tone, they were also coming for them!

This was simply like leaving the tiger's den and entering a wolf's lair!

Everybody's heart was at a low ebb...

Song Jing stared at the bodyguard next to the woman in the black dress and stuttered, "Why does... does that bodyguard's figure look so familiar..."

It wasn't just that - it might've been his imagination, but other than the bodyguard, he realized that the woman actually resembled Ye Wanwan.


When Liu Ying and Xu Yi heard him, they turned towards the bodyguard wearing a silver mask and certainly... he looked quite familiar...

"His figure is quite similar to Eleven..." Xu Yi mumbled.

Eleven was the leader of the small group in charge of escorting Ye Wanwan away. Since his figure was leaner and taller than an average person, it was easily recognizable.

When Xu Yi brought up Eleven's name, Liu Ying's face darkened in an instant as he thought about Ye Wanwan who ditched them and fled.

Although Liu Ying and the others found his figure similar to Eleven's, they didn't think too much about it. They looked at the two powers in front with taut nerves.

In the end, we still have to die here... today?

If they ended up in the Rose of Death's hands, they might as well land in the hands of the Murderous Blood Gang.

It was rumored that this Black Widow would immerse herself in a young lady's fresh blood daily in order to maintain a youthful complexion. It was also rumored that she was extremely fond of tormenting and killing good looking men - many leaders in various clans were tortured by her hands.

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