Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 403: Met with a formidable enemy

Chapter 403: Met with a formidable enemy

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Seeing that the leader of the Murderous Blood Gang, K, actually made his people back off and acted so respectfully towards Ye Wanwan, a subtle hint of surprise appeared in the guards' eyes under their silver masks.

It actually... worked...

Just half an hour ago, they almost delivered Ye Wanwan to a safe place.

As they rushed to send her to the plane, who would've guessed that this woman didn't want to leave after all? She even opened the huge luggage she insisted on bringing along then changed into a black chiffon dress and made the bodyguards change into the available masks and jackets.

Obviously, they were unwilling at first - she actually wanted them to play dress up at a critical moment like this?

It was simply unbelievable!

But the girl's stern persuasion and the look in her eyes, similar to the immense pressure they only saw in their master, made them obey her subconsciously...

At most, they would lose their lives if they failed.

They would rather die for their master than escape trying to protect this woman.

At first, everyone thought this clumsy disguise would definitely be seen through; all of Dark Team 1 already prepared to lose their lives.

However, the outcome came as a surprise...

Not only did this woman reveal Eugene's weak points the moment she arrived, saving Song Jing's life when it was hanging by a thread, she also revealed K's true identity which absolutely no one could've known.

The astute K was actually fooled by her...

At this moment, every bodyguard had somewhat mixed feelings, but none of them showed any change in their expressions.

To them, this disguise was very basic, but Ye Wanwan, a woman who grew up in a greenhouse, remained incredibly calm like the breeze in the face of such villains even while dealing with them, suppressing even K - it truly astonished them...

This woman... seems to be completely different from what we imagined...

At this moment, the Murderous Blood Gang was in shock.

K was actually the old No.1 in the Flowing Flames mercenary army, Qiu Hong Hai?

The Qiu Hong Hai who was previously banished by the Flowing Flames mercenary army and was shut out by the entire mercenary union at the same time...

When they heard what that woman said about K's true identity, Jason and Eugene's faces changed instantly.

K's true identity was not to be spoken of - there were a few people who offered hundreds of millions of dollars yet still weren't able to find out who he was. Even people in the gang, who'd been following K around, didn't know about it.

How did this woman find out?

And judging by K's expression, she actually got it right!

No wonder even K had a sudden change in attitude as though he was confronted by a formidable enemy.

This person knew K's identity - she mustn't be underestimated.

The little clown sized up the newcomer carefully. All he saw was that the group was all dressed in pure black jackets, a red rose embroidered discreetly on their chest area. Their jackets were blown open by the wind and inside was an eye-piercing red. Also, the iconic silver mask on those people's faces...

Looking at the woman in front, dressed in a luxurious black chiffon dress, a black veil concealing her face...

Could it be...

The little clown seemed to recall something as a trace of horror appeared on his face and he took a step back instinctively. "Rose... Rose of Death..."

Hearing these three words "Rose of Death," Eugene was flabbergasted. "What did you just say? Rose of Death? How... how could that be?!"

Rose of Death, simply put, was the strongest organization that only existed in legends.

Nobody had seen the real face of any member from the Rose of Death and there were only a few rumors about them.

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