Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 402: Mysterious woman

Chapter 402: Mysterious woman

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A sudden turn of events made everyone at the scene, including those from the Murderous Blood Gang, astonished.


Just happened...

A car engine resounded. The people who had their attention on Song Jing and Eugene suddenly noticed that two black cars had arrived without a sound.

"Who are they??!!!" the little clown shouted.

I already sealed off the entire town, so how did these guys appear?

Most importantly, who's so daring to break into the Murderous Blood Gang's territory? Courting death, huh?

As this incident was too sudden and they had no clue who the other party was, everyone acted cautiously.

Everyone's gaze turned towards the strange car.

Liu Ying and the others quickly saved Song Jing while also casting suspicious looks at the car.

The one who spoke seems to be a woman?

Liu Ying and Song Jing together couldn't even defeat Eugene, yet that woman was able to find Eugene's weakness and allowed Song Jing to escape a deadly move!

This is simply... unbelievable...

Who exactly is this person?

Under everybody's gaze, a tall guy in a windbreaker with a silver mask covering half his face emerged from the car in the middle, stepping out from the driver's seat.

Other subordinates with a similar costume also got out from the other car.

After the man got off, he walked over to the passenger seat, pulled the car door open respectfully and helped a woman in a black chiffon dress out of the car.

The woman in a black chiffon dress also wore a vintage hat with a black, lace veil concealing half of her face; she held on to the man's arm lightly and stepped out of the car leisurely. Her actions were as graceful as a medieval upper-class lady.

Although the black veil covered her face and they couldn't see her face clearly from a distance, judging by the shape of her red lips, and delicate and perfect chin, they could tell this was a beauty who could turn all living things upside down...

"Where did you guys come from? Give us a name!" Eugene didn't expect that his boat would be overturned in the gutter, so he glared at the person approaching as he clamped a hand on his injuries.

"Tsk..." The woman didn't speak a word and simply gave a chuckle. She didn't respond to Eugene's question.

That chuckle made it seem like she viewed the other party as a mere mole, cricket or ant - obviously implying that he didn't have the right to speak to her and wasn't even worthy of being looked at.

Eugene naturally noticed the mockery in that chuckle. He was just about to explode in fury when the woman suddenly turned to look at the leader of the Murderous Blood Gang, K; her languid and lusty voice slowly left her red lips——

"Qiu Hong Hai, very mighty of you, huh? You're just a stray dog banished from Liu Yan Yong's army who's now gotten a second chance and turned into the head of a mob! You even dared to snatch someone I love from me!"

When she said that last phrase, the woman's languid voice turned cold all of a sudden like a bitterly cold glacier, causing his bones to tremble.

The leader of the Murderous Blood Gang, K, who was as still as a mountain and completely expressionless all this time, had a change of expression when he heard the woman reveal his true identity.

Following that, he stared at the clothes of the woman's entourage then glanced at the woman's black chiffon dress. A bone-chilling fear surfaced on his face. His voice almost quivered as he snapped at little clown Jason and Eugene who were in the woman's way: "Jason, Eugene! Back off! Don't be disrespectful!"

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