Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 399: Give you the honor

Chapter 399: Give you the honor

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On the other side.

Ye Wanwan had reached safe ground.

"Miss Ye, please get on the flight," one of the bodyguards said coldly.

Ye Wanwan glanced at both the bodyguards without any expression on her face. "Who said I'm leaving?"

A tinge of annoyance finally surfaced in the other bodyguard's tone, "Miss Ye, the situation now is extremely dangerous. Please don't joke with your life."

These people should be by Si Ye Han's side right now, yet they were being sent to escort this woman who kept finding trouble for them. Even though they underwent training, their patience had reached their limit.

Ye Wanwan disregarded what the bodyguards said as she quickly opened the luggage she kept by her side.

All they saw was a piece of luggage filled with clothes...

Ye Wanwan changed into a black chiffon evening gown with a little vintage black veil hat while looking at the time on her watch. She then turned to the two bodyguards and asked immediately, "How many others are there in hiding? Take them out and force them to change into the clothes in my luggage!"

At such a critical moment, she still has the mood to change and even wants us to join her?!

Does this woman know what she's doing?

The bodyguard took a deep breath. "Miss Ye, please..."

Ye Wanwan's gaze was instantly as cold as ice and she coerced them with immense pressure: "Shut up! If you don't want your master to die, follow my instructions this instant! I'll say it again - get all the bodyguards in hiding to change into these clothes within three minutes! Then follow me!"

What does this woman mean...

We finally managed to escape with such difficulty, yet she wants to go back?

Wasn't this woman cowardly, abandoning the master?

"Do you know the Rose of Death?" Ye Wanwan addressed the leader of the bodyguards.

Hearing this name, his face changed slightly and he deliberated for a long while before answering, "A legendary organization..."

If Murderous Blood Gang was savage then Rose of Death could cause destruction to an entire nation, but no one had ever seen the battle tactics of the Rose of Death organization since everyone who encountered them died.

Why's this woman suddenly bringing this up?

And how did she know about that organization when only a handful of people in our trade know about them?

Ye Wanwan put on the hat. Her face, which was separated by the black veil, was extremely treacherous and ice-cold and the aura around her changed suddenly. "Right now, we're the Rose of Death!"

Wh... what?

Does she mean that... she wants us to pretend to be the Rose of Death?

Although the Rose of Death was probably the only group the Murderous Blood Gang feared, the members of the Murderous Blood Gang weren't fools - how could they be deceived by such a clumsy disguise?

"Who are you to trick the Murderous Blood Gang to fall for this clumsy disguise?" the leader couldn't help but ask.

Ye Wanwan shot a look at the bodyguard who doubted her. "All you can do is trust me."

If she wasn't prepared, obviously she wouldn't have dared to take a risk like this, but in her previous life, she obtained inside information and secrets that were unknown to many people about the Rose of Death...


Dust and sand spread.

Xu Yi and Liu Ying glanced at each other with darkened expressions-- seems like this gang... is totally fearless...

The leader, K, who hadn't said a word, lit a cigarette and waved impatiently. "Get this done and over with! I still have some business to attend to later!"

The moment he spoke, the nerves of Liu Ying and the others were taut and everyone braced themselves for war.

Eugene was unhappy when he heard K, so he said, "K, don't be like that. We finally have something so fun, so let me play with them a while longer~ If you have something to do, you can leave first!"

K took a drag of his cigarette and furrowed his brows. "Don't cause trouble."

The mission this time wasn't easy; these people under Si Ye Han weren't easy to handle.

Eugene naturally knew the other party's concerns, but he sneered, "K, when did you become so timid? A group of trapped turtles--are you afraid they'll run?"

K gave him a sidelong glance and replied coldly, "I'll give you half an hour."


Even though Eugene was still unsatisfied, he didn't dare to infuriate the leader, so he agreed reluctantly.

Eugene's dark green pupils exuded a treacherous cold glow, his scarlet red tongue licked his fingers as if in extreme thirst, his eyes filled with a blood-sucking and murderous desire, and his gaze scanned Liu Ying and the others simultaneously. "What do you think? Are you interested in playing a game with me?"

Xu Yi replied while he discreetly hinted at some of the guards to protect the car and escape with the master once things went wrong. "Please tell us about it."

It's good if they can delay things...

Although under such circumstances, it's quite pointless to delay things any longer...

Just now, he received word that their communications with the outside world had been interrupted; every communication device they had was blocked by the enemy's special encryption.

Like what Eugene said, they were indeed a bunch of trapped turtles who could only be wantonly slaughtered by them.

"I heard that the experts working under Si Ye Han were like clouds; I really want to see for myself... if any of you can defeat me, then I'll...leave one corpse intact..."

When Liu Ying and the others heard Eugene's cocky challenge, they were so mad that their lungs nearly exploded.

Liu Ying stepped out from the group immediately. "I'll fight with you!"

"Liu Ying! Don't be rash!" Xu Yi reminded him sternly.

Eugene's strength was unfathomable - wrestling was his strong suit. His hands were scarier than a weapon, so even if he faced Liu Ying, he might not...

Liu Ying's eyes remained locked on that man, unperturbed.

As the captain, as the master's most trusted man, how could he retreat and hide in the back at a moment like this?

Liu Ying disregarded Xu Yi as he charged towards Eugene like a sharp arrow...

One move...

Two moves...

Three moves...

"Swish——" Eugene's cheeks was brushed by Liu Ying's fist, leaving a trail of blood.

Eugene's moves were crafty and strange, but Liu Ying was nimble and swift, so he caught Eugene off guard and got close to Eugene in just three moves.

Eugene was stunned, almost in disbelief. He extended his hand slowly and touched his face.

The man licked the blood off his hand. The shock on his face gradually turned into tremendous excitement and delight as he said, "Interesting... worthy of being Si Ye Han's number one expert... hahaha... this is too interesting... I decided... to give you the honor... of being my beloved stuffed toy..."

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