Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 400: Impasse

Chapter 400: Impasse

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One of Eugene's perverted hobbies was making human stuffed toys out of skilled fighters whom he had his eyes on. He emptied out their guts and steeped their bodies in a special drug; they were like trophies for him to display at home--extremely creepy.

"Then let's see if you have the abilities you keep bragging about, huh?" Liu Ying sneered and attacked again.

This time, Eugene was on guard and it wasn't as easy to get close to him anymore. In a short while, both of them were in a deadlock.

Although the two of them were equally matched, Xu Yi wasn't the slightest bit relaxed. Instead, his face darkened further.

This Eugene was too sly - he could tell that speed was Liu Ying's strength, so he dragged on the fight intentionally to consume his energy.

Liu Ying knew what he was up to, but at the same time, he was unable to get out of Eugene's trap. If he got even a little distracted, he could lose his life. The others didn't dare help him either, afraid that it would impact his fighting negatively.

In the blink of an eye, 15 minutes had passed. The little clown with camouflage all over his face urged him in an eccentric tone, "F***! Really slow... Eugene, if you can't do it, your father (me) shall takeover!"

"Shut up!"

Eugene muttered a curse and looked at Liu Ying once again, his gaze increasingly serious.

This guy actually does have some skill, huh. He actually managed to counter me for such a long time...

Minutes and seconds ticked away...

Eugene's eyes suddenly lit up. "Ha... found it..."

"This is bad!"

Xu Yi was about to warn him, but it was already too late. Eugene discovered Liu Ying's flaw and his finger, which was scarier than a sharp knife, thrust straight into Liu Ying's lower abdomen which was left open before he drew it out quickly.

As his internal organs were ruptured, Liu Ying heaved a mouthful of fresh blood and his face turned pale.

Eugene's finger was stained with the fresh blood. "Pitter-patter," the blood flowed downwards. He stuck his scarlet red tongue out and tasted Liu Ying's blood, drop by drop as if he was sampling a delicacy...

The hit was too heavy; Liu Ying's body weakened instantly.

"Liu Ying!" Xu Yi hurriedly rushed over and helped him up.

"Captain!!!" The others crowded around him as well.

How perverted are these people? They could defeat even Liu Ying?

Seeing the frightening wound on Liu Ying's body, Song Jing was in so much fury that his eye sockets felt like they were burning. He stepped out and bellowed:

"Stupid pervert! Your father (I) will fight with you——"

"Song Jing! Get back! You're not his match!" Liu Ying chided sternly.

"Captain, we'll be dead either way. I'll definitely seek revenge for you!"

After proclaiming this, he lowered his voice and said, "Even if I die, at least we can gain some information about his skills!"

Liu Ying couldn't stop him - Song Jing charged forward after speaking.

Seeing that the situation had escalated to this point, Xu Yi could only comfort himself by saying: "Among all the bodyguards, Song Jing's the most skilled. He's also the most perceptive, so he might be able to fish out the other guy's weak spot..."

The most challenging person to fight among their enemies was Eugene. If there was even the slight chance of defeating him...

Song Jing strode forward, looking straight ahead. He looked at the pale-faced and scarlet-tongued man and exclaimed, "After you!"

"Aiya, another little miscellaneous fish~ Isn't this fish a little weaker than the one before? However, he's quite interesting... I shall play with you then..."

Eugene stared at him. The excitement caused his body to spasm mechanically; his gaze looked as if he was enjoying a feast. He cracked his neck and in the next second, his body charged forward as swift as lightning...

Song Jing's eyes lit up and he charged forward as well...

Seeing the two people tangled together, everyone's hearts were in their throats.

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