Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 398: Thought of the consequences

Chapter 398: Thought of the consequences

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Headed by three people, the one in the middle looked Asian and was 1.9m tall. He wore a camouflage vest and his expression was extremely demonic. The muscles in his arms swelled and even his veins bulged out, but what caught everyone's attention was the iconic tattoo of a cross on his left arm.

The man on the left made himself look like a clown with paint on his face - he had a treacherous smile and a small, skinny stature. He carried a heavy weapon on his shoulder and the blast just now was shot by him.

The man on the right had blonde hair and blue eyes. His skin was very fair and he looked feminine and crafty. He wore a white suit and was smirking in Liu Ying's direction.

After seeing them clearly, Liu Ying's body stiffened instantly like a bow stretched to its limits; his entire body went into a state of alertness.

The one in the middle with the cross tattoo was the head of the Murderous Blood Gang. His code name was K and no one knew his real name and origin.

On K's left and right were his assistants, Little Clown Jason.

The foxy blonde with no weapons in his hands was called Eugene. He seemed to be the weakest but in fact, he was the most formidable and savage one of the group.

He didn't like using weapons because his greatest hobby was to disembowel his victims with his own hands; countless experts died in his hands.

Eugene and Jason were both felons from country M; they had a stinking reputation.

"It's the Murderous Blood Gang indeed..." After seeing the three people, the last glimmer of hope in Xu Yi's heart was shattered.

Although there were only a handful of people who had seen the real faces of this legendary gang, one could easily guess their identities just by looking at their distinctive features.

"Damn it!" Liu Ying cursed under his breath.

Everyone got out of the car swiftly and confronted the gang like it was their greatest enemy.

The foxy blonde Eugene lightly caressed his abnormally long fingers and stared at Liu Ying, who was covered in dirt and had a chunk of his hair burned off. He laughed slyly, "Ha, so you're the most formidable expert by Si Ye Han's side, Liu Ying?"

The way the other party looked at them with such contempt, like they were ants, immediately ignited the fury in Liu Ying.

Liu Ying was about to make a move when Xu Yi stopped him and took a step forward and said, "Since you know who we are, why would you want to make our lives difficult for us when there aren't any grudges between the Si family and your gang?"

Eugene chuckled, "Ay? Having no grudges means I can't kill Si Ye Han?"

"You..." Hearing the other party casually speaking of killing Si Ye Han like that, Liu Ying was so mad that the veins in his hands bulged out.

Xu Yi sneered. "Of course you can and I believe your gang has that ability, but have you thought of the consequences?"

If they really died here today and if Si Ye Han really lost his life, the Murderous Blood Gang would incite violent rage from the entire Si family!

No matter how strong the Murderous Blood Gang was, they wouldn't be able to fend off the entire Si family.

So Xu Yi thought it was very strange for the Murderous Blood Gang to be so daring in taking on such a huge risk.

Xu Yi forced himself to remain calm and continued speaking, "No matter what your gang's motives are or who got you to do this, I believe this is not a wise choice."

Hearing the threat in Xu Yi's voice, the three of them seemed slightly shaken.

Just as Xu Yi developed a glimmer of hope in his heart, Eugene suddenly burst out into a wicked laugh."Tsk, what else can we do? I just love the thrill of this kind of mission!"

Little Clown Jason laughed wantonly as his hoarse voice said piercingly, "I'm itching to get on with it!"

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