Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 397: Trap

Chapter 397: Trap

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After sending Ye Wanwan away, the remaining people swiftly reorganized themselves and brought Si Ye Han away at the same time.

Liu Ying's face was deathly still.

What's the point of leaving the hotel?

The entire town is in their hands now; wherever we go, we'll still be turtles trapped in a jar.

We can't get out and help can't get in.

Even if there was help, it would be too late--distant water can't put out a close fire [1].

The entire town looked very calm on the surface, but the truth was that it was a huge death trap closing in on them gradually until all of them were murdered in their spots.

And it had to be at a time when their master was critically ill - their final pillar of support collapsed.

Si Ye Han's condition wasn't looking good - he had a fever again on the road.

In all the missions he carried out before, Liu Ying had never felt so despondent before.

In the car, Liu Ying's face was akin to a block of ice as he calmly checked and wiped his weapon repeatedly with a flickering cold light in his eyes. He was prepared for the worst.

The others were the same as well. The entire convoy was shrouded in gloom.

Xu Yi looked at Si Ye Han who was in the backseat. He was extremely anxious as he asked in a low voice, "Liu Ying, any response from country B?"

Liu Ying: "No."

Asking for help from country B was like a sinking rock in the big sea.

Liu Ying looked at the tumbling dark clouds and said with a solemn expression, "This was a completely planned, premeditated and deliberate robbery and murder!"

Xu Yi clenched his fists tightly. "Who exactly are these people? Not only did they have such extensive power, but they could even recruit the Murderous Blood Gang!"

Liu Ying gave a chuckle. "Who cares? You think there aren't any people out there who want master dead?"

This question was no longer important at this time.

If it wasn't the Murderous Blood Gang, they might have a shred of hope to live.

But of all people, it had to be the Murderous Blood Gang. Everyone knew that once the Murderous Blood Gang was recruited, they'd never leave anyone alive.

Initially, they thought the other party's target was their equipment, but now...

They obviously wanted their lives.

Xu Yi didn't know what to say, so he didn't say a word even after some time.

After a long while, he finally asked in a lethargic manner, "How's the situation with Miss Wanwan?"

Xu Yi scoffed and glanced at the video communicator, "She should've fled far, far away by now."

The other party's target was Si Ye Han. Even if they noticed one or two little fish or prawns had fled, they wouldn't waste effort on chasing after them.

When Xu Yi heard that, he became silent once again.

The town's bustling road flew past the car windows swiftly and the travelers got closer and closer to the border...

Seeing the chance to survive get closer and closer, there still wasn't hope in anyone's hearts - only despair.

Their enemies looked like they were enjoying the final struggles of the people on death row as they still hadn't showed up.

Liu Ying couldn't tolerate this any further, so he turned to the window and yelled in the quiet air, "COME OUT! Is the Murderous Blood Gang a bunch of wimps who only know how to hide, huh?!"

Just at that moment, a red laser suddenly appeared on Liu Ying's head as if the Grim Reaper had descended.

Xu Yi's face changed drastically. He immediately pounced on Liu Ying and said, "Liu Ying! Be careful! Everyone, crouch down!"

The moment everyone crouched, the entire roof of Liu Ying's car was blown off. Everyone experienced a burning pain on their backs and their ears rung for a long time before they regained their hearing.

When everyone returned to their senses, they realized that their enemies had already surrounded them like a pack of demons.

Numerous black cars appeared all around them like a huge net; there was a black modified SUV in front of their convoy which was akin to an enormous beast that intercepted them, and a few people walked out of the SUV one after another...

After finally catching a glimpse of their adversaries, everyone's hearts instantly sank to the bottom...

[1]: This phrase means a slow remedy can't meet an urgent need

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