Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 396: Escape alone

Chapter 396: Escape alone

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Liu Ying still adamantly rejected Xu Yi's suggestion: "I don't agree! Even if we only have a shred of hope left, we must still do our best to protect master! This idea of yours would cause master to be in greater danger! Just for the sake of this one woman?"

Xu Yi's face was never more serious than this as he snapped, "Liu Ying! If we can't even protect Miss Wanwan, how are you going to answer the master when he awakes?"

"I..." Liu Ying was very clear on Si Ye Han's attitude towards Ye Wanwan, so he couldn't refute Xu Yi's words. However, he would never be willing to make such a great sacrifice for a worthless woman like Ye Wanwan.

While Xu Yi and Liu Ying argued, Ye Wanwan was silently observing Si Ye Han and hadn't said a single word at all.

"Miss Wanwan, please get ready, I'll get someone to take you out of country B immediately!" Xu Yi didn't delay any further and informed Ye Wanwan.

In a moment, everyone's eyes were on that beautiful girl.

At such a critical time, what would her choice be?

If she was true to Si Ye Han, she would never leave at this moment and would stay by his side to live or die with him, right?

After a short period of silence, the girl lifted her head and replied expressionlessly, "Alright, I got it."

The second Ye Wanwan said that everyone furrowed their brows and looked at Ye Wanwan with slight contempt.

The smirk on Liu Ying's face spread as he sneered, "Master, this is the woman whom you pampered so much..."

In a time of crisis, she didn't even hesitate and rushed to escape on her own.

If it was Miss Ruo Xi, she would never leave my critically-ill master alone!

Xu Yi sighed lightly and didn't comment. Ye Wanwan was a weak woman after all, so it was only natural that she wanted to escape to save her own life in this type of situation. Anyway, she didn't even have any feelings for master...

Under everyone's piercing gaze, Ye Wanwan took a long look at the man lying in bed then she turned and left without looking back.

Very soon, two completely masked men dressed in black came to Ye Wanwan's rescue.

"Miss Ye, please get in the car quickly!" the bodyguard dressed in black urged her.

"Hold on!" Ye Wanwan said suddenly.

"Miss Ye, is something the matter?" one of them asked.

"I have a black luggage in the room, I want to bring it with me," Ye Wanwan requested.

"Miss Ye, this journey is very dangerous; we're better off not bringing too much luggage!"

The guy in black had his face covered so she couldn't see his expression. Since they were highly-trained, she couldn't pick up on his emotions through his tone, but just by guessing, Ye Wanwan knew the rage in the hearts of these two bodyguards. They probably thought that the luggage contained some valuable items that she and Si Ye Han accumulated.

Ye Wanwan's expression remained unchanged as she insisted, "This luggage is very important. I must bring it with me otherwise I won't leave!"

Hearing what Ye Wanwan said, the situation came to a deadlock.

The two men looked at each other and finally, one of them brought that piece of luggage over. "Miss Ye, can we leave now?"

Only then did Ye Wanwan nod. "Sure!"

A black car started its engine, blending in with all the guests leaving the hotel and quickly drove away; the entire Dark Team 1 followed behind and escorted them secretly...

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