Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 395: An existence that can't be provoked

Chapter 395: An existence that can't be provoked

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In a split second, everyone was rooted to the ground in a daze like oars that lost their direction.

"Mr. Si must undergo a thorough body checkup and medical treatment as soon as possible; we can't delay it any further!" the doctor said sternly.

"Where's the nearest hospital?" Xu Yi asked.

Liu Ying gritted his teeth. "The medical facilities here are bad; how could we send our master to that kind of place? Our master's health is critical - let's head back!"

Hearing what Liu Ying said, everyone immediately turned to look at each other and fell silent.

Tomorrow's the negotiation, yet he wants to return now?

But if we don't head back, with our BOSS' condition like that...

Ye Wanwan glanced out the window at the sky and a dark cloud covered her heart.

Head back?

I'm afraid... they won't make it back...

Just as everyone was intensely discussing a resolution, suddenly, one of the subordinates rushed in anxiously——"Captain! Tr... trouble!"

"What trouble? What's the problem?" Liu Ying retorted in frustration.

"We... we're surrounded!" His subordinate said in a panic.

Liu Ying's face changed and grabbed his collar. "What did you say? What do you mean we're surrounded! I just sent some men to patrol the hotel's premises a minute ago! Even if we're surrounded, why wasn't there any warning?"

His subordinate swallowed and trembled as he spoke, "We're surrounded by the entire town! The outskirts of this town were already completely blocked by a strong power, these people are very ferocious and are obviously coming for us!"

When Liu Ying heard that, his face turned livid. Xu Yi's face changed as well. "How could this happen? Which strong power? So daring? He knew we were from the Si family, yet he dared to do something like this?"

His subordinate was in despair as he stammered, "I already checked and if I didn't get it wrong, the other party is... is someone from Murderous Blood Gang..."

"Are you for real?!" An immense fear surfaced on both Liu Ying and Xu Yi's faces at the same time.

Murderous Blood Gang was an organization that was started by a group of diabolical outlaws from various countries; they had a terrible reputation and neither the righteous nor evil wanted to provoke them.

And they weren't affiliated or attached to any group or individual.

The Si family had never crossed paths with this group before; why would they set themselves against them? What's their motive?

Si Ye Han was still in a coma right now, so they didn't have a leader. Everyone's minds were in a panic.

Ye Wanwan remained by the bedside and stared blankly at the weak man lying on the bed.

She was used to his arrogant and cold look, his immortal look and even his tyrannical and ruthless look, but this was actually the first time she'd ever seen him so frail.

In her previous life, she only knew that Si Ye Han's health was in bad shape but she never witnessed him weak or in pain.

A dead silence lingered in the air.

Alas, it was Xu Yi who broke the silence.

Xu Yi glanced at Ye Wanwan and said firmly, "We'll have Dark Team 1 send Miss Wanwan out!"

Liu Ying's face darkened. "Are you kidding me? There's a great enemy before us and you want to disperse the force of our elite group just to send her off first?"

Xu Yi said with a serious expression, "Liu Ying, you know very well that even if we had another ten troops on Dark Team 1, we'd still be unable to fight with those people. Miss Wanwan has no relation to the Si family; they wouldn't care if she left. It's very easy to get her out, so let's use this chance before they capture us and take her away immediately! Otherwise, she'll never make it if we delay any longer!"

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