Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 394: Feeding medications

Chapter 394: Feeding medications

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"Then... then what should we do now? Is he in critical condition?" Liu Ying panicked.

"We'll stabilize his condition with some medication first, but that's only a temporary fix. He must be sent to the hospital for a more thorough checkup!" The doctor injected a dose of medication then quickly went to the medicine box to take some pills out and prepared to give them to Si Ye Han.

The more he panicked, the messier it got--he couldn't get Si Ye Han to swallow the pills no matter what.

Everyone in the room was in a panic...

Just at that moment, there was a bang and the door was slammed open.

A person rushed in.

When Ye Wanwan entered the bedroom, all she saw was a pale Si Ye Han lying on the bed. Xu Yi, Liu Ying and a few higher-ups were there and there were quite a number of doctors surrounding them as well.

All those doctors tried giving Si Ye Han the pills, but they couldn't get them in at all. Si Ye Han's shirt even had a wet patch from all the attempts.

A doctor was on edge as he said, "What should we do now..."

Liu Ying was at the bedside distraught with anxiety when he heard the sound of the door banging open. He immediately yelled in fury, "WHO IS IT? Damn it, don't come in and cause trouble!"

Ye Wanwan stared at the unconscious man lying on the bed. Her face was tainted with a layer of frost as she strode towards the bed.

When Liu Ying saw that it was Ye Wanwan, his face turned gloomier and he said with an icy glare, "Please get out! Don't get in the way! Otherwise, I'll..."

Ye Wanwan couldn't be bothered with him; her gaze was like a sharp knife stabbing Liu Ying who was blocking her way. "GET LOST!"

After speaking, she simply passed Liu Ying and pushed away the doctor by the bed then quickly grabbed the cup of water and pills from his hands. She popped the pills into her mouth, drank a gulp of water, then, right in front of everyone's eyes, she covered Si Ye Han's lips with hers...

Si Ye Han's throat rolled twice. The pills were pressed into his mouth by her soft tongue as they were delivered smoothly inside...

It took only three seconds.

Everyone: "..."

Xu Yi, the higher-ups, and all the doctors just stood there dumbstruck. Even the anger on Liu Ying's face stiffened.

Before everyone could process what happened, Ye Wanwan had already taken clean clothes from the wardrobe and quickly unbuttoned Si Ye Han's top, changing him out of the wet top.

Seeing how Ye Wanwan had swiftly taken care of all those troubling tasks, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

"Thank you so much, Miss Wanwan!" Xu Yi exclaimed gratefully.

The doctors also thanked her: "All thanks to Miss Wanwan!"

Liu Ying was silent. His expression was still slightly dissatisfied but it warmed up a little.

"How's Si Ye Han's condition?" Ye Wanwan asked.

Ye Wanwan finally knew why Si Ye Han and the others suffered so much loss in her previous life - on one hand, it was because those people were brutal and on the other, one of the most important reasons was definitely because Si Ye Han suddenly fell so terribly ill...

She was seriously worried about Si Ye Han's health before but in the end, what she worried about the most actually happened.

Under such immense pressure from work and due to the long journey, the hidden ailments in Si Ye Han's body were suddenly triggered and broke out without any warning.

Before, Si Ye Han's health wasn't in critical condition yet - he hadn't shown any weakness on the surface, so though many doctors warned that his body couldn't take it if he continued working like that, everyone's perception of Si Ye Han was too perfect like he was a god who couldn't be affected by anything.

It was only now that everyone realized the doctors' warnings weren't just words to scare them; their BOSS, their master, really reached his limit...

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