Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 393: Si Ye Han's gravely ill

Chapter 393: Si Ye Han's gravely ill

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A few of the bodyguards huddled together and whispered, "*mother*... I suddenly remembered that Miss Ye read Song Jing's fortune before. Didn't she say that he'd encounter a romantic calamity? It couldn't have been this, right?"

"F***! It seems like it was! She had a really weird expression when she was saying that and she even said it was very dangerous and would bring great harm to Song Jing!"

*cough cough...* "Indeed, it was extremely dangerous... it caused a lot of harm indeed... she wasn't wrong at all..."

"She got it right again? Isn't this a little too creepy?"

"This is simply... unbelievable! If only Song Jing listened to Miss Ye's advice, couldn't he have avoided this calamity, huh?"


"Give me a bowl of rock sugar chrysanthemum porridge; chrysanthemum, red date and wolfberry snow pear; and chrysanthemum shredded chicken..."

Each time Ye Wanwan read out an order, Song Jing's face darkened by one fold. He felt increasingly baffled in his heart.

This woman... could it be that she really knows how to read a person's fortune?

Otherwise, wouldn't all this be too much of a coincidence?

"Stop chatting and quickly go get ready - we'll be leaving soon. Today's the last day, so everyone has to be more careful!" At this moment, Liu Ying walked over and looked in Ye Wanwan's direction.

He also heard about what happened to Song Jing and it was indeed a little creepy, but how could that woman be able to predict things like that?

It was just a case of a blind cat catching a dead rat [1], making her nonsense appear to make sense.

Seeing that the captain arrived, everyone dispersed like birds.

Ye Wanwan realized they had to set off soon, so she didn't have any other choice and decided to use the same tactic--maybe she should continue "injuring" herself and use her beauty trap to delay the group?

She was using all her mental energy to think of a plan and didn't notice that some time had gone by yet Xu Yi hadn't informed her about taking off.

"What's going on?" A suspicious look appeared on Ye Wanwan's face.

With Si Ye Han's punctuality, nothing like this should happen...

In her previous life, she only knew that something bad would happen but she wasn't sure what time exactly. She also didn't have any information about other minute details, so she had no idea what happened that caused this delay.

After waiting for some time, still nothing happened and Si Ye Han didn't pick up her calls. Ye Wanwan gradually sensed that something wasn't right.

Could it be that it's different from what I predicted--they weren't attacked on the road? But at the hotel instead?

With that thought, Ye Wanwan stood up immediately and sprinted upstairs.

There was nobody in the room where they had the meeting last night and Xu Yi wasn't in the room either.

Then she dashed to the suite she and Si Ye Han shared. When she walked in, all she saw was a group of people gathered around the door, each of them with a solemn expression.

"What happened?" Seeing all these people's expressions, Ye Wanwan's heart started pumping hard.

One of the higher-ups said, "Just now when we were discussing business... BOSS suddenly got sick... and fainted..."

"What did you say?!" Ye Wanwan's face paled.

At the same time, in the bedroom of the suite:

A doctor from Jin garden who came along on the trip checked Si Ye Han's body with a grave expression.

"His condition isn't looking great; 9th master's illness came on too suddenly and the situation is dire!"

"He was fine all along! How did this happen all of a sudden?" Xu Yi was extremely anxious.

"Ay, how was he fine all along? 9th master has health problems that simply can't be seen on the outside. I already warned all of you endless times, but 9th master and you guys didn't take my advice seriously!"

"9th master never showed it on the outside and didn't act any different from a normal person, but this time, his body's reached its limits and this is the result!"

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