Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 392: Destroying his chrysanthemum flower

Chapter 392: Destroying his chrysanthemum flower

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Liu Ying swung his arm and left with a cold expression after saying that.

Xu Yi stood awkwardly at the same spot and tried to ease the tension: *cough* "Liu Ying's just like that, please don't mind him."

Ye Wanwan didn't respond. After all, she was already prepared for this and expected that nobody would believe her. She also knew how others would view her once she gave warning about what was to come.

Late at night at the bar on the top floor of the hotel:

After being on the road for two days, the bodyguards were relaxing a little at the bar.

A group of people was drinking and chatting there.

"Ay, have you guys heard? That woman's like a maniac these past few days - she's been telling BOSS that there will be a robbery and danger ahead, urging BOSS to stop moving forward!"

"She really thinks she's a grandmaster in fortune telling, huh?"

"Nonsense! That phony simply guessed what happened to the captain by chance, right? She even predicted Song Jing would have a romantic calamity but two days have gone by and isn't Song Jing still fine?"

Song Jing sneered, "Captain said she's a femme fatale - he's completely right!"

A group of them were talking when suddenly, a blonde foreigner with blue eyes walked towards them and headed directly to Song Jing. His eyes glistened as he stared at the knife on Song Jing's waist and said in fluent Mandarin, "Wow, if I'm not wrong, this is a famous knife from the Tang dynasty, right?"

Seeing that this person knew his stuff, Song Jing was surprised, "A foreigner like you actually knows about this?"

"Heh, not only do I like China's history, I also like China's..."

"Like China's what?"

"Nothing~" The man chuckled then said, "I have many weapons from China at home, do you want to follow me back and take a look? My place is nearby~"

"Really? Sure!"


The next morning.

Ye Wanwan hadn't slept almost the whole night as she floated downstairs like a wandering spirit to have her breakfast.

At the same time in the hotel's restaurant:

A group of large men surrounded a skinny young man with a crew cut, patting his shoulder and coaxing him one after another.

"Ay, don't be so gloomy, luckily we rushed over in time. That rapist didn't get what he wanted, right?"

"Who'd have known that foreigner's gay? And even had a special liking towards Chinese men?! He lured Song Jing into his house by bluffing about knives!"

"The worse part was that he even used that kind of despicable drug! It was so close! If we got there a second later, we wouldn't have been able to save Song Jing's chrysanthemum flower! That foreigner already had his pants off! That plaything was so terrifying; if he really put that thing in..."


The veins on Song Jing's forehead protruded and his face turned darker as he listened. He howled in a fiery rage: "Shut up, all of you! I'll punch out the teeth of whoever brings up what happened last night!!!"

"Yes yes yes, let's not talk about it anymore!" Everyone hurriedly laughed it off.

The moment Ye Wanwan stepped into the restaurant, she heard the detailed version of what happened and it was indeed... hard to explain with a few words...

Ye Wanwan sat at the table not far off from Song Jing's table then called the waiter over, "Waiter, please get me a pot of chrysanthemum tea~"

Hearing Ye Wanwan's voice, Song Jing, who had calmed down a bit, instantly tightened his own chrysanthemum flower as he turned his head stiffly towards Ye Wanwan.

All the other bodyguards' actions were synchronized as they turned towards Ye Wanwan with even more astonishment compared to last time.

At first, they hadn't put the two things together, but after they saw Ye Wanwan, they suddenly recalled a very... strange incident...

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