Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 391: A hug

Chapter 391: A hug

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After breakfast, everyone was prepared and ready to set out on their journey.

Two days had gone by in the blink of an eye. Everything was relatively peaceful and nothing peculiar happened.

There were two groups of people who came along this time--one in hiding while the other was led by Liu Ying at the front lines.

Actually, the preparation this time was already sufficient. Furthermore, considering Si Ye Han's great power, who would dare mess with the tiger's head?

So Si Ye Han's trip this time was just viewed as an ordinary business trip; nobody thought anything would happen.

Except for Ye Wanwan. The closer they got to their destination, the harder it was for her to breathe.

Surrounded by his guards, nothing should go wrong, but who knew that a certain gang of people would appear...

In the car:

Ye Wanwan looked at the slightly pale face man next to her and said, "Darling, are you sure you don't want to have more men around? I feel very uneasy in my heart; I keep feeling that something bad's going to happen! Believe me! My gut feelings are very accurate!"

Ye Wanwan had been saying the same thing over and over these two days.

Although she knew that the staff on duty today were top-notch, she still couldn't be at ease.

After hearing the same thing so many times, Si Ye Han wasn't annoyed at all. He glanced at her and didn't speak a word. Instead, he extended his long arms and pulled her into his embrace.

He wrapped her up in his warm embrace and at the same time, his palm patted her back lightly.

Ye Wanwan was stunned and her palpitating heart calmed down instantly.

She lifted her head and saw that he was holding onto a document in one hand while the other still held her in his embrace as if he was protecting her from everything.


Being coaxed like a child in this man's embrace, Ye Wanwan fluctuated between extremely mixed feelings.

This guy, sometimes he had low EQ but he'd unexpectedly get it right sometimes.

At night, the car reached a town.

Everyone stopped over at a nearby hotel.

Late at night, Si Ye Han was having a meeting with the higher-ups while Ye Wanwan stayed in the room by herself and couldn't fall asleep.

Thus, she got up and sought out Xu Yi.

"Miss Ye, it's so late. Why aren't you in bed?"

"I can't sleep, I keep feeling very uneasy..." Ye Wanwan sighed. "Xu Yi, could you persuade Si Ye Han to postpone the plan?"

If the enemies were targeting Si Ye Han deliberately, they might not be able to avoid the incident even if they postponed negotiations at the last minute. But maybe there would be some changes if they postponed? It was much better than progressing on the same track as her previous life...

Xu Yi knew Ye Wanwan had been pestering his master, saying that something dangerous might happen, so he replied helplessly, "Miss Wanwan, even you couldn't persuade him. My words would obviously be useless!"

Xu Yi then tried to comfort her: "Miss Wanwan, maybe you're just too nervous. This trip is extremely safe - there won't be any problems. You should have a good rest or go visit the spa downstairs to ease up your mood. We'll reach our destination by tomorrow night at the latest!"

——"Tsk, dangerous? Was this predicted by Miss Ye again?"

The moment Xu Yi said that Liu Ying's voice came from behind him.

Ye Wanwan wasn't in a mood to argue with him, so she glared at him coldly. "So what if I did?"

Liu Ying's face turned slightly uglier. "Miss Ye, I'm showing you respect only because you're one of the master's people, but if you have intentions of doing anything that would ruin or jeopardize the master's plans, don't blame me for not giving you a warning first--you've been spouting nonsense these past few days, trying to cause a ruckus among us. It's already affected everyone negatively, so please be cautious with your words and actions!"

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