Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 386: My boyfriend will take care of me

Chapter 386: My boyfriend will take care of me

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Si Ye Han turned to the girl who had both her arms raised towards him and in the end, he obediently walked over, picked her up and placed her on the bed.

Ye Wanwan swiftly changed into her clothes, packed her luggage and dragged it to the wall.

Meanwhile, downstairs:

"What did you say? That woman's coming along with us?" Upon hearing what Xu Yi said, Liu Ying's face was filled with disbelief.

Didn't expect that this woman would come along on this trip to harass master when she couldn't stop him; she's totally outrageous!

Xu Yi coughed lightly. *cough* "Yes, for the sake of convenience. we probably need to get a few female bodyguards."

Liu Ying was enraged. "This is absurd! It's such an important matter; what are we bringing a hindrance of a woman for?"

Xu Yi sighed. "Ay, don't talk so badly about her. Do you want to be scolded again? 9th master made up his mind, so no matter how much you dislike her, she's still the one 9th master's chosen..."

"If it wasn't for the fact that she's the one 9th master's chosen, do you think I would've tolerated this up till now?"

Liu Ying's face was filled with rage while Ye Wanwan happily hooked arms with the master and walked out of the house with a fresh outfit.

There were also two bodyguards by the side, dragging her luggage for her.

Ye Wanwan had a little pink carryon, a larger piece of luggage and an extremely large black luggage that was approximately 30 inches large that she brought over from her apartment the night before.

After bringing the pieces of luggage down, everyone raised their brows at Ye Wanwan's various pieces of luggage, especially that shockingly huge one.

She brought so many things--is this big missy going on a holiday?

Ye Wanwan couldn't care less about the looks from those people and warned, without a change in her expression: "Everything here includes my precious clothes and makeup - they have to be protected well, so don't lose them. Especially the black one."

"Yes, Miss!" The bodyguards coughed lightly.

Liu Ying jogged up to them and turned to Si Ye Han anxiously. "Master, the journey is long and the road conditions are bad. If we bring Miss Ye along, I'm afraid there'll be many delays."

What he really meant was that Ye Wanwan would obstruct them.

Ye Wanwan hugged Si Ye Han's arm, pursed her lips and gave a sidelong glance at Liu Ying. "I have my boyfriend to take care of me. Don't you think you're worrying a little too much, huh?"

Liu Ying was exasperated. "Master's going on an important business meeting this time. If you really care about master, you shouldn't be giving him trouble now..."

Before he could finish, Si Ye Han shot him an icy glare. "Liu Ying."

Having received his master's warning, Liu Ying clenched his fists tightly and didn't make a sound.

Seeing that Si Ye Han was standing by her side, Ye Wanwan raised her head. She thought Liu Ying hadn't been triggered enough, so she kissed Si Ye Han on both cheeks.

As long as Liu Ying was angry, she'd be happy.

As expected, once Liu Ying saw her "shameless" act, he immediately became even angrier.

Ye Wanwan smiled wryly, curled her lips and glanced at Liu Ying before saying faintly, "I think you should just be worried about yourself~ I have nothing to do so I'll read your fortune--you'll meet a bloody calamity on your first day in country B. Tsk tsk, you'd better be careful!"

In her previous life, this incident involving Si Ye Han getting robbed was a huge deal. After Si Ye Han and the others returned, Ye Wanwan learned about everything that happened, including all the details, from their conversations.

From her memory, she recalled that Liu Ying got into a fight with someone on the first day they arrived in country B for some reason; he even ended up breaking his head.

"You..." Liu Ying perceived this as Ye Wanwan cursing him; he got so mad that his lungs nearly exploded.

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