Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 385: Not gentle at all

Chapter 385: Not gentle at all

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After Si Ye Han left, Liu Ying was so furious that he punched the car door. "Sick, my a**! Rosy complexion and loud voice - how is she even sick?! Harassing master in front of so many people - she's completely shameless!"

A bodyguard by the side lamented, "This is my first time seeing BOSS' girlfriend and she's a knockout! No wonder she could make someone like our BOSS reluctant to leave!"

Liu Ying shot a look at the person who spoke and scoffed, "Femme Fatale! She only knows how to throw a tantrum from day to night, harassing master non-stop. She doesn't know the seriousness of the situation even at this point! Master will be driven to death by her someday!"

The others started to sigh too. "With such an important matter, she's definitely a little inconsiderate..."

"Could she bear responsibility for holding up negotiations? Ridiculous!"

"Heard this woman is a daughter of a small and humble family, so obviously she wouldn't be as considerate as Miss Ruo Xi."

"Don't compare that kind of woman to Miss Ruo Xi!"

"Ay, I don't know what BOSS is thinking; this kind of woman really isn't qualified to be the head of Si family's household at all, right?"


In the bedroom upstairs.

After she was given a warning, Ye Wanwan was still relentlessly whining softly in Si Ye Han's embrace without any fear of death: "I didn't say anything wrong - it really is too short. Actually, I think seven days might be enough..."

Si Ye Han placed the girl on the sofa, loosened the tie around his collar and stared at her, looking like he wanted to devour her.

Ye Wanwan swallowed. She finally shut up and stopped making trouble.

Si Ye Han stared at her. "Tell me, what are you trying to do?"

Ye Wanwan exploded in anger: "What are you talking about? What can I do, I just can't bear for you to leave. I just don't want you to leave, alright? You're so insensitive! Fine! Leave! Just go! Go wherever you want! I won't care about you anymore!"

She thought of a thousand ways and a hundred plans to stop him from sending himself to his death - she froze herself till her bones ached last night and even suffered an insult of "femme fatale" by his men. It wasn't easy for her, alright?

In the end, this bastard didn't even appreciate her kindness!

Ye Wanwan took the blanket from the sofa and wrapped herself in it.

The girl's depressing voice came from under the blanket: "Baddie, pervert, great devil... so mean to me... so hateful... always so cold... not gentle at all... why should I care about you... just go wherever you want..."

An air of silence...

After some time, Ye Wanwan thought Si Ye Han had left but then she felt a strong force removing the blanket. Ye Wanwan instantly grabbed onto one of the edges and didn't let go.

Si Ye Han used just a little strength and was able to pull away the blanket from Ye Wanwan.

He was about to speak but was unexpectedly faced with the girl's tearful little face...

Ye Wanwan hugged her knees and wiped her face with her hands then asked, expressionless, "What's the matter? Why haven't you left yet?"

Si Ye Han pursed his thin lips as if he was facing a great crisis or difficulty and stared at her, unmoving.

A long while later, the man finally said, "Other than this request, I can agree to anything else."

Ye Wanwan paused when she heard that then she turned her head slowly towards him, "Anything?"

Si Ye Han replied, "Yes."

Ye Wanwan thought about it. "Then I want to go with you!"

Seeing that Si Ye Han remained silent, Ye Wanwan acted up again and buried herself back into the blanket.

In the next second, Si Ye Han said, "Alright."

Ye Wanwan's face that had been frozen before finally warmed up. She rubbed her nose and raised both her arms towards the man. "Carry me there!"

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