Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 387: Severe danger

Chapter 387: Severe danger

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Si family's old residence.

Clad in the latest Chanel outfit, the socialite sat on the sofa, brewing tea for the old madam thoughtfully. She said obediently, "Grandma, 9th brother won't be home for some time. Qin Yu's worried that you'll be lonely, so I came down especially to keep you company!"

The old madam held a string of beads in her hands as she nodded without changing her expression. "En, you're very thoughtful, but I don't need you to stay with me. Just take care of yourself."

The socialite immediately agreed with her, "Grandma's right! Actually, spending time with grandma isn't something I'm qualified to do, but..."

The socialite paused purposefully, took a look at the old madam then continued, "I heard that... the woman with 9th brother went on a trip together with him. Since 9th brother isn't around, Ruo Xi jie jie has to deal with all the work at the company by herself. She's up to her ears in work, so I especially made this trip to see you. I hope grandma doesn't mind!"

When the old madam heard that, the hand that was rotating the beads stopped. "Did you say that Wanwan followed Little 9th to country B?"

"That's right, didn't you know already, grandma? Gosh, I have such a big mouth!" The socialite looked like she just realized she revealed too much.

"Why did Wanwan follow Little 9th?" the old madam asked.

"This..." Seeing that the old madam was probing, the socialite replied, looking like she was put in a difficult position: "Probably because Miss Ye and 9th brother have a great relationship and she couldn't bear to leave him!

"I heard she made a scene for a very long time and said she wasn't feeling well. After that, she said she had a nightmare and dreamed that 9th brother would be in danger during this trip and wouldn't let him go no matter what. 9th brother didn't have a choice, so he brought her along!"

When the old madam heard that, her calm faced turned unnoticeably gloomy.

Especially when she heard "9th brother would be in danger during this trip."

The elderly usually found these sayings a taboo. Even if they were said casually, they still made her somewhat uncomfortable.

How could she say something like that just to force Little 9th to stay and keep her company?

The old madam shut her eyes and sighed deeply in her heart.

After all, she's still young and isn't very mature...

Everyone knew Little 9th was in a very respectable and honorable position, yet they didn't know how much hardship he had to endure in order to reach that position.

Even till today, everything seemed peaceful on the surface.

How much danger was hidden outside and within the Si family?

How many people were watching him?

Those people would pounce and bite him the moment he made the slightest mistake; if he didn't want to be put to death, he couldn't ever lower his guard at any time...

Her grandson had grown up in this environment ever since he was a kid; he never had a chance to indulge in the happiness of children his age.

Regardless of that girl's past, her qualifications or her family background, as long as she could make Little 9th happy, the old madam would tolerate everything she did.

But right now, she couldn't help but worry about her grandson's future.

If Little 9th insisted on letting a woman like this become the head of the household, his future would be very difficult.

If she was already like this, how long could she remain by Little 9th's side?

If her family background and qualifications were bad, being smart and virtuous could make up for it, but the madam was afraid that... ay...

The potential daughter-in-law whom she was most satisfied with was still Ruo Xi--she would be at ease in her grave if Little 9th had her by his side.

Too bad Little 9th didn't have any interest in Ruo Xi.

Maybe she should have a good talk with Little 9th when he returned...

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