Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 38: A rewarding kiss

Chapter 38: A rewarding kiss

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The girl's freshly bathed body exuded a natural fragrance, her soft and sweet lips were as wonderful as cotton candy...

The violent and raging beast in the man's body was appeased almost instantaneously, submitting to the girl's most vulnerable and unguarded kisses on the neck.

Aware of the sharp change in atmosphere around Si Ye Han, Ye Wan Wan's guard was finally lowered slightly.

Although I rushed to the door, it looks like I wasn't trying to escape, but merely locking the door to make out with him. He won't be angry about this right?

"Darling, why are you here?" Ye Wan Wan tried her best to sound pleasantly surprised.

Si Ye Han looked at her in silence, not saying a single word. His icy-cold pupils seemed to penetrate through her soul.

Ye Wan Wan felt a little guilty. Can he see through my act?

After a long while, the man's narrow lips moved delicately, "People who are wooing you... could queue all the way to the Milky Way?"

Ye Wan Wan took a long time to react. When she did, she realised that Si Ye Han was referring to the lyrics of the song she had sung just now.

Ye Wan Wan broke out in a cold sweat, "No no! Those were just song lyrics!"

Queue to the Milky Way my ass... more like stuffed into 18 levels of hell!

Would those who dared to court me still see daylight tomorrow?

Wrong, the point is, who would court me when there isn't even a fly by my side?

"Ah! By the way! I topped the class for the exams this time! Full marks for language, English, and liberal arts!" Ye Wan Wan changed the topic.

Si Ye Han's fingers gently coiled a wisp of hair around her ear and replied lazily, "Hm."

He spoke in a very natural tone with no surprise or doubt, as if achieving these results were normal for her.

Thinking of all the countless doubts she experienced today, the reaction of Si Ye Han now made her heart go through inexplicable feelings.

Surprisingly, the only person who believed in her was Si Ye Han.

Si Ye Han saw that Ye Wan Wan was in a daze and looked dejected. His slender fingers suddenly pinched the girl's lips and kissed them lightly under her stunned eyes, "You did very well."

Ye Wan Wan blinked and blinked again.


Was that a reward?

What did I do to let Si Ye Han think that I was seeking a kiss as a reward!

Forget it forget it, as long as the king is happy.

At this moment, Ye Wan Wan suddenly recalled that this was a girls' hostel! How did he get in?

Wrong, the point is, when will he be leaving?

After all, the hostel may be checked by someone anytime, and if she was found to be hiding a man...

Just as Ye Wan Wan was racking her brain on how to convince Si Ye Han to leave, his gaze fell upon her empty little bed and suddenly asked——

"Where's the blanket?"

"Ah? Blanket?" Ye Wan Wan was stunned for a moment and then instinctively replied, "I aired it outside today and haven't brought it back! I'll go and get it...?"

The man nodded slightly, "Hm."

Ye Wan Wan didn't understand why Si Ye Han suddenly asked about the blanket. Confused, she ran to the balcony to collect it.

She arranged the bedding properly and patted the pillow, huffing and blowing.

After airing out the blanket and pillow, they were fluffy and soft and radiating with the smell of sunshine, which she found very satisfying.

The man looked at them with satisfaction, then his long legs moved and he laid down on her bed, "Help me set an alarm for 2 hours from now."

"..." Ye Wan Wan was flabbergasted as she looked at the man lying on her bed, ready to sleep.

Si Ye Han actually wants to sleep here!

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