Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 39: It's so soft and comfortable here~

Chapter 39: It's so soft and comfortable here~

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Her small bed was lined with the school's tacky blue and white striped sheets. She found the school's blanket quite uncomfortable so she bought a new one at the small supermarket opposite the school. It was much softer but the big blossoming peonies imprinted on it were very conspicuous.

And right now, Si Ye Han was lying on that little bed that didn't match him, with a peony-printed blanket over his body.

Ye Wan Wan strangely found that with him lying there, the gaudy peony flowers now appeared quite elegant.

"Hey... Are you sleeping here?"

"Come over," the man didn't answer her question but beckoned her over instead.

"Oh," Ye Wan Wan swallowed hard and walked over obediently.

Then, she was pulled into his embrace and they laid down together.

Ye Wan Wan: "..."

Not only is he sleeping over but he's forcing me to sleep with him-- what is he trying to do?!

There were sounds of people walking back and forth and girls laughing and talking merrily outside. With Ye Wan Wan's heart in her mouth, she hurriedly attempted to persuade him, "Hey, my bed is very hard so it's really uncomfortable to sleep in! If you're sleepy, would you like to go back to rest?"

The man hugged her in his arms, "But it's so soft and comfortable here."

Ye Wan Wan's face turned glum. Is he talking about the bed or me?

"9th master, are you sure you don't want to go back to rest? It's so noisy here and the bed is tiny. It can't even fit your legs and you can't fall asleep without Dr Mo. Also..."

Ye Wan Wan spoke so much but he didn't show the slightest intention of leaving.

Ye Wan Wan finally shut her mouth in annoyance.

But once she stopped talking, he opened his eyes again and said in a low voice, "Talk."

Ye Wan Wan didn't understand, "Huh?"

Si Ye Han: "Continue talking."

Ye Wan Wan: "..."

He needs to listen to my voice just to sleep... does he have to be so difficult?

Ye Wan Wan wanted to throw the blanket off in frustration, but of course, she didn't have the guts. She nodded and mumbled, "Oh..."

But what should I talk about?

"Well, I'll recite the numbers of pi, okay?" Ye Wan Wan tried asking.

"Hm," he nodded, indicating his assent.

Thus, Ye Wan Wan started reciting, "3.1415926535897..."

Pi is an infinite decimal; it's said that one could recite up to 100,000 digits for more than 10 consecutive hours.

Ye Wan Wan had never counted how many digits she could recite, and anyway, as long as Si Ye Han didn't tell her to stop, she wouldn't dare to stop and could only keep reciting the numbers.

The man lying next to her looked so charming that he could brighten the entire sky of Qing He. His hair looked as if it was dyed black by the night sky, his facial features were chiseled, his skin was flawlessly perfect, his thin lips were thin yet extremely nice, each individual strand of hair showed the extreme favor of the Creator, and especially since he loosened the tie on his collar, exposing a section of his clavicle...

Aside from feeling fearful, Ye Wan Wan found that lying next to such a perfect being was really torturous.

Ye Wan Wan didn't know how long to recite for. In the end, she was so tired that she fell asleep unknowingly.

Finally, she was awoken in shock by a knock on the door.

"Dong dong dong," the knocks were very loud in the quiet room.

Damn! Whatever it was, here it comes!

Ye Wan Wan rolled out of bed like a frightened bird.

The man next to her seemed to be sleeping soundly before the knocking. His attractive eyebrows then furrowed slightly with sullenness at the sound of the knocking.

Ye Wan Wan was slightly surprised--Si Ye Han actually fell asleep again?

Didn't he have a hard time falling asleep to the point where he needed Dr Mo's hypnotism every time?

However, she didn't care so much now and gently nudged the person next to her quickly, "Si Ye Han! Wake up!"

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