Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 37: The great devil has arrived!

Chapter 37: The great devil has arrived!

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After school.

Ye Wan Wan sighed on her way back to the hostel.

My relationship with Si Ye Han has just been stabilized; how could this happen now!

She was still on probation so she couldn't simply reject the role. The only way would be to force Si Xia to request a substitution.

Hmm, I'll give him a "surprise" tomorrow. The makeup stowed under my chest hasn't been taken out yet!

Ye Wan Wan strategized while bringing her clothes to the bathroom.

After removing her makeup and taking a hot bath, she felt like a brand new person.

"Wow~ Who is that beauty I see~ Turns out to be the reflection of myself~ What is that cold thing pressing onto my neck~ My gold necklace is worth more than $2,000~ I thank god daily~ Every day I am filled with gratitude in my heart when I wake up~ I can't help but love myself~ Yes I do not need anybody else~~~"

Ye Wan Wan hummed to the song, blew her hair dry, and stretched her arms to push the bathroom door open.

"An attractive lady like me~ A cute lady like me~ People wooing me could line up all the way to the Milky Way... Yeah..."

The moment she pushed the door open, Ye Wan Wan's expression froze immediately.

On the cheaply lacquered chair beside her desk was a man sitting there.

The man was leaning his forehead to the side lazily, his white slender finger holding the test paper that she received today. As always, he had on a black suit darker than the night sky. The neckline of dark silver stripes glowed with a cold luster and his deep eyes looked as if they had been submerged in a pool of ice for years, with no trace of humanity.

Her ordinary female hostel suddenly became an 18-storey hell with hundreds of ghosts whistling and the chair that the man was sitting on was no longer the same cheaply lacquered chair, but a dragon king throne wrapped with a black giant python...

Si... Si Ye Han!!!

Bang—— Ye Wan Wan slammed the bathroom door hard.

It must've been the way I opened the door!

How could it have become hell in a moment!

One second went by...

Two seconds went by...

Three seconds went by...

Ye Wan Wan's heart was beating hard, her blood flowing the opposite direction and her mind was completely blank.

After a full minute, she finally eased her mind slightly and carefully opened the bathroom door a little.

In the end, she was scared out of her wits with just one look!

Not only was Si Ye Han still there, but he became scarier after seeing that she slammed the door in fear. The whole hostel was frozen by that pair of cold and dark eyes. She could even see the bright blue flames from the great devil's head.


Out of instinct for survival and due to the fear penetrating into her bones, Ye Wan Wan's first reaction was to run in the direction of the doorway!

However, just as her fingers curled around the lock, she regained her senses under her immense fear—— she couldn't run!

Damn! What should I do now!

Beads of sweat were trickling down Ye Wan Wan's forehead and her mind was racing.

Quickly, she turned the lock in the other direction and locked the door instead.

After taking a deep breath discreetly, Ye Wan Wan suppressed the fear in her eyes. Then, she turned around and walked towards Si Ye Han...

Under that man's glare that could almost freeze human bones, Ye Wan Wan stopped in front of him. She sat on his lap, hooked her arms around his neck and kissed his ice cold lips...

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