Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 36: This woman has a boyfriend?!

Chapter 36: This woman has a boyfriend?!

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Once the results were out, the entire class protested.

"Ye Wan Wan? Snow White? You've got to be joking!"

"What's wrong with you, class monitor! How on earth did you draw that lot?"

The class monitor faced the girls' criticism with a speechless expression, "It.. It wasn't drawn by me!"

Whatever the result, Si Xia drew that lot all by himself alright?

"No way! Si Xia can never partner with such a person! Wouldn't he be a wolf entering the tiger's den?"

"By allowing Ye Wan Wan to perform in such an important performance, won't our F class be a joke to all other classes?"

On the podium, Liang Li Hua's expression completely darkened as well.

Ye Wan Wan!

Why is it Ye Wan Wan again?

But she had already announced in front of all the students that no matter what the result was, nobody would be allowed to dispute. There was no way she could replace her with someone else.

Liang Li Hua didn't have a choice. She looked at Si Xia and asked, "Si Xia, what do you think? She will be your partner after all."

At this moment, the boy held on to that slip of paper, still in disbelief that he actually drew that lot himself.

He probably had never been through such a tough decision in his life.

After some time, the boy forced a word out through his teeth, "Whatever."

I picked the lot with my own hand, how can I go back on my words now?

All the girls were anxious after hearing Si Xia's reply; they all wanted Liang Li Hua to arrange for a re-draw.

Liang Li Hua glanced at Ye Wan Wan's unpleasant appearance, pondered for a moment, then said, "Class, please be quiet. I have already mentioned that to be fair, we will go according to the outcome of the draw. Since even Si Xia doesn't mind, then the female lead is set and no one's allowed to talk about it any further!"

Right now the concern was not if Ye Wan Wan would cause trouble, but instead, it was a matter of when .

With that thought, Liang Li Hua turned to Ye Wan Wan and warned, "The performance this time is very important. If you mess up, even I won't be able to help you!"

Only then did Ye Wan Wan wake up.

How did she manage to be chosen to play Snow White and become a thorn to the other girls just by taking a nap?

The Ye Wan Wan from before had been captured by Si Ye Han due to that love letter at this point, so she hadn't had to deal with this before and was completely caught off-guard.

If I had known sooner, I would definitely have stopped it from happening!

With Si Ye Han's possessiveness and jealousy, if he finds out that I will be playing a role as someone else's lover, and that there is even a kissing scene at the end...

Isn't this considered cheating?!

"Damn! How did I get tangled up in this while doing nothing?!" Ye Wan Wan grabbed her hair in distress and almost broke down.

Seeing his partner Ye Wan Wan reacting like that, Si Xia's face turned black.

Who exactly was the one who got tangled up in this beyond their control?

Is this woman actually acting like she's the unlucky one?

"Wait... Miss! May I give this role up?" Ye Wan Wan quickly raised her hand.

Upon hearing that, the girls were immediately enraged again.

What! Ye Wan Wan, the ugly freak! Our hunk hasn't even abandoned her, yet she dares to leave the play!

Liang Li Hua's face filled with fury instantly, "Ye Wan Wan, how dare you treat the school as your own home? Doing whatever you please? Without any rules? Don't forget that you're still on probation!"

Ye Wan Wan muttered a curse after Liang Li Hua threatened her, "Damn!"

At that moment, the boy next to her could not hold it in any longer, "Ye Wan Wan! Exactly who is the person who was damned?"

Ye Wan Wan looked sceptically at the school's hunk who was about to explode in anger because of her. Resting her chin on her hands, she muttered in utter distress, "But I have a boyfriend. If my boyfriend finds out and gets jealous then what should I do? I'm at a loss here, okay!"

Si Xia stared at Ye Wan Wan's face, that face that could blacken the heart with just one look and was silenced immediately.

This woman has a boyfriend...

Her boyfriend... Must be blind...

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