Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 367: Take your shirt off

Chapter 367: Take your shirt off

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Dazzling Media:

Luo Chen attracted everyone's attention the minute he stepped into the company.

Those newcomers and interns who wouldn't even give one look to Luo Chen before were now all going up to him to greet him.

"Good morning, Luo Chen-ge!"

"Morning, Senior Luo Chen!"

"Congratulations, Senior! I saw the video posted on your Weibo; it's too cool!"

"I think the role of Luo Chen this time will definitely be yours, Senior Luo Chen!"

Although it had already been a few days, Luo Chen was still not used to his current status and was a little uncomfortable with everyone's compliments. He pursed his lips and briskly walked straight towards the office upstairs without paying his fans any attention.

In the corner at the other side, Lin Hao stared in the direction of Luo Chen and his eyes filled with gloominess.

A few small-time artistes who were standing by Lin Hao's side clicked their tongues and gathered together, chatting softly.

"Truly, things of the world are hard to predict; who would've guessed that the three-year has-been Luo Chen would explode in popularity so fast?"

"I really couldn't tell that the new manager had such skills, eh! Not only did he have a unique taste in choosing his artiste, he's also very accurate in predicting the market!"

"I wonder if he still wants any more newcomers..." There was even a newcomer who wanted to work under Ye Bai.

Lin Hao folded his arms and sneered. "Tsk, the cause of this incident was Lin Zong's passing, Song Jin Lin only wanted to fulfill Lin Zong's final wish of filming the sequel -what has that got to do with predicting the market? He's just a lucky bastard!"

One of the newcomers mumbled meekly, "But the main selling point was that video, it's really very creative and immediately put Luo Chen out there!"

The newcomer was afraid of infuriating Lin Hao so he didn't dare speak too loudly.

In showbiz, having luck was also a strength.

Lin Hao carried a look of disdain. "You guys are so naive! Do you know how many people are fighting for this role? You think just him, a nobody, could really get the part simply because of a popular Weibo post?"

Considering what Lin Hao said, a few of them agreed that the competition for the casting of "Terrifying Dragon 2" was intense.

Even though Luo Chen had the most votes now, his competitors had great influence as well; there were even some who were willing to bring in their own investments, so it was really hard to say who would get the part...

Ye Wanwan's office:

"Dong dong dong." There was a knock on the door.

"Please come in." Ye Wanwan just sent a text to Si Ye Han to ask him out for a candlelit dinner tonight when she heard knocking on her door.


"Sit." Ye Wanwan indicated for Luo Chen to take a seat then raised her head and asked, "How's training coming along?"

"It's alright," Luo Chen responded. At the same time, a tinge of confusion flashed in his eyes.

Initially, he was questioning why his manager wanted him to learn martial arts which he found completely useless. In order to attend training, he risked everything and quit his odd jobs, living every day in worry and self-doubt.

But he finally understood there was a reason behind Ye Bai's actions...

There were quite a number of acrobatic fight scenes in "Terrifying Dragon" and even more in "Terrifying Dragon 2." If he was skilled in martial arts, it'd be a great advantage for him.

With Luo Chen's humble character, when he said his training was "alright," it probably meant he had a mark of 90 or higher.

Ye Wanwan nodded in satisfaction then casually said, "Take your shirt off, let me see."

The moment the words of the young man fell, Luo Chen's face instantly turned ghastly pale. He raised his head suddenly like he heard something horrific.

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