Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 368: So frightened that his little heart trembled

Chapter 368: So frightened that his little heart trembled

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Ye Wanwan probably realized that what she just said seemed to create a misunderstanding and the corners of her mouth twitched.

I'm just asking you to take your shirt off - you don't have to look like you lost your head, alright?

Jie jie watching you stripping is more risky, even my little heart is trembling in fear...

She knew that because of what happened before, Luo Chen had his guard up and probably didn't fully trust her yet, but if he continued to be like this, it'd be very hard for her to continue working with him.

Between an artiste and a manager, the most important thing was trust.

Luo Chen seemed to recall something as he bit his lip hard and his face turned paler.

His gaze froze at the man seated in front of the desk. He noticed that although Ye Bai asked him to take off his shirt, his expression was pure and honest - there weren't any dirty intentions in his eyes and his look was completely different from the longing and lustful way Zhou Wen Bin looked at him...

Ye Wanwan knew trust couldn't be established overnnight. Furthermore, what happened to Luo Chen before caused a severe psychological blow.

Seeing Luo Chen's pale face, she decided not to force him. "Forget it, you don't..."

Alas, just as she was ready to tell him not to bother, Luo Chen suddenly stood up. His fingers grabbed the corners of his shirt then he turned over the hem and removed the old white t-shirt.

Ye Wanwan was slightly startled; she hadn't expected that with the degree of repulsiveness and disgust Luo Chen had for men, he could actually manage to do this.

After a moment of shock, Ye Wanwan sized Luo Chen's body up.

You couldn't tell usually when he wore a shirt, but now that he took it off, Ye Wanwan saw that Luo Chen was so skinny that even his ribcage could be seen. His skin was also deathly pale like it hadn't been exposed to the sun in ages...

And this was the result of him undergoing training with a martial arts trainer for half a month...

It was much worse than she imagined...

Ye Wanwan pinched her brows as her head started to hurt. Although it was said that one looked 5kg fatter on screen, it wasn't good to be too skinny either, and Luo Chen was definitely overly skinny.

If he ever needs to take some revealing shots, his figure will be really hard to look at!

She already read the script, and unlike the Luo Chen in "Terrifying Dragon 1" who was innocent and naive who could even be a little delicate and beautiful, the Luo Chen in "Terrifying Dragon 2" underwent a great change in both his age and temperament - he couldn't continue to act like a youngster. Furthermore, there were quite a few scenes where he needed to show his body.

He can't just go and find a body double, right?

With director Song Jin Lin's harsh standards, he would never allow it.

Ye Wanwan jotted down something in her notebook then said coldly, "This won't do; you're too thin. Gain more weight first then work on building muscle. I'll make you a plan, so follow it accordingly.

Also, I arranged your training schedule along with the nutritionist. I also applied for a dormitory for you--for convenience's sake, we'll be living in the same building. Here's the key; you may move in tonight.

I already sent the video I shot of you to the crew for "Terrifying Dragon 2" and just received an email from the crew that you already passed the first interview. Go back and prepare - you'll audition next month. I live just above you, so you can come see me anytime if there's anything you need!"

Luo Chen listened blankly to Ye Bai talking all about his future arrangements in one breath and accepted the key with the words "Grand View Park" engraved on it. He was in shock for a long time before he regained his senses. He clenched his fists and nodded in silence, "En."

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