Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 366: Luck in your love life in the future

Chapter 366: Luck in your love life in the future

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"Stop talking nonsense." Nameless Nie was slightly annoyed. "Whoever earns the least this month will have to get lost to Africa to carry out a task for me."

"No... I just want to eat my life away and wait for death..." the devotee shook his head vehemently, terrified. There were only a few days left until the end of the month and he'd earn the least for sure.

"Tsk tsk, the most powerful Taoist devotee in the East with a kidney defect [1] who could make one turn pale just by the mention of his name, now actually wants to eat his life away and wait for death..."

"It's godly Taoist devotee." The devotee's face was rigid as he corrected Nameless Nie.

"Seems like kidney defect suits you better!" the bewitching man ridiculed.

"Stupid pervert, I once destroyed an entire nation singlehandedly - are you sure you want to talk to me in this way?" A cold light flashed in the nefarious-looking devotee's eyes.

"Aiyo... that's right, you scared me... it was just a little aboriginal country and there were only a few of them, what fierce abilities you have!" The bewitching man burst out in laughter.

The breaths of the nefarious-looking devotee quickened as he sneered, "No matter how many of them were there, it was still an independent country..."

Ye Wanwan swallowed her spit and stared at those people, speechless. She even started getting goosebumps.

I've met people who love to brag but not to this extent...

What legend in this world, what most powerful Taoist devotee in the East, what destroyed an entire nation singlehandedly...

Why don't you guys ascend to heaven already, huh?!

Even an MLM organization wouldn't dare to brag like that, right?

A mental institute would suit them better...

"After drinking a few bottles of beer, you guys brag till you don't even know your names anymore, huh? You can't even pay a few hundred dollars, yet you're still bragging like this?" The boss of the food stall seemed like he couldn't tolerate this anymore as he waved his cleaver and sneered.

"Boss, don't be rash..." Nameless Nie handed the money over to the boss.

After seeing the money, the boss' countenance turned considerably warmer.

"Hold on... I gave you ten dollars more..." Nameless Nie hurriedly ran forward and snatched a ten dollar bill back from the boss' hand.

"Damn *your mother*, after so many years of operating this stall, I've met all kinds of people... but for people like you guys, I have to hand it to you!" The boss gave a thumbs up to Nameless Nie and the others.

After paying up, Nameless Nie turned to Ye Wanwan gratefully. "Thank you so much for your help just now, Miss Famous Ye!"

Ye Wanwan rubbed her nose. "Oh, it's nothing."

Just consider it my way of saying thanks for that present. After all, I did make a gain from it...

"That um, though it's a little presumptuous of me, I'm really curious... are you guys... from an MLM organization?" Ye Wanwan couldn't help asking.

That bewitching man became furious when he heard her. "What audacity! Who are you calling an MLM organization! We are..."

At that moment, the devotee squeezed him on the butt and walked to Ye Wanwan, "Far from it, we're a regular team. Miss, are you interested in joining us? We're lacking a female on our team! Especially a wonderful and talented one like you!"

Ye Wanwan: "Heh, no, thank you, I don't know anything..."

I'm just a weak chicken who doesn't even have the strength to fight another chicken; I'm undeserving of being on this completely normal team...

The devotee kept trying to persuade her: "Beauty, you don't have to do anything - you can be the group's pet. We'll treat you so well! In order to express my sincerity, I can read your fortune for free! I see that there are red clouds around your face, rays of light emitting from your eyes--it's a lucky sign, you might have luck in your love life in the future!"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

My a**! He's definitely a king among all swindlers.

What lucky sign? Having luck in my love life is a great calamity to me, alright?

Ye Wanwan didn't even turn around and walked away instantly...

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[1]: In Chinese, the term "kidney defect" actually sounds like "godly"

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