Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 365: Legend in this world

Chapter 365: Legend in this world

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"You... moved bricks for an entire day and the boss only gave you ten dollars?" Nameless Nie tried to prevent blood from spewing out. "Move more bricks next time; move a hundred thousand of them!"

"Alright, captain." The foreigner nodded continuously.

"Captain, have you earned any money today?" the devotee asked curiously.

"Tsk... earned any money?" The corners of Nameless Nie's mouth moved upwards. He put his hand into his shirt and fished out a 100 dollar bill proudly.

Seeing the great 100 dollar bill in Nameless Nie's hand, the four of them immediately lined up in a row and chanted, "Captain of the God of Death, talented and suave, cool cool cool cool, strong strong strong strong!"

"Captain's amazing~ I want to give the captain a lovely kiss~" the bewitching man grabbed hold of Nameless Nie.

He was brushed away with one tight slap...

Ye Wanwan looked at the 100 dollars in Nameless Nie's hand...

That can't be the 100 dollars I used to buy the gift, can it?

"You're so mean, captain... captain's so naughty oh... you're so handsome even when you're mad... I love you to death, captain~" The bewitching man looked at him with even more adoration.

"Little Sweetie, kick him out," Nameless Nie ordered.

"Alright, captain," the foreigner wiped his hands and threw the bewitching man out of the stall like he was carrying a little chicken.

But in half a minute, the bewitching man charged back in again and pointed at the brick-moving foreigner. "Smelly brick-mover, if you put your dirty claws on my smooth skin again, I'll break your d*** off!"

"Hubby, he bullied me, doesn't your heart ache at all? Am I still your beloved little sweetheart~" The bewitching man grabbed ahold of the beautiful iceberg man's arm.

At this moment, seeing this group of acting prodigies, the boss finally reached his limit. "Pay up right now! All of you are insane, huh!"

"Boss, give us a break. How about a discount?" Nameless Nie asked.

Staring at the loose change in Nameless Nie's hand, there was only a total of 160 dollars. The boss sneered, "How about I break your bones?"

"Boss, how about this..." Nameless Nie brought out a bone sculpture out of nowhere and cleared his throat, speaking very seriously, "This is the alligator I hunted down in an extremely northern icy region; I used a lost skill to craft his skull. Usually, I sell it for a hundred thousand, but I shall let you have it for cheap today; how about using this to pay for the meal?"

"Boss, you've made a gain!" the bewitching man hurriedly chimed in.

"Boss, quickly take it. If you feel bad, just give our captain a few bowls of dumplings." The foreigner nodded.

Right now, the boss' head was filled with black lines (-_-|||), nevermind about dining and dashing... now they're treating me like a fool...

"F*** your grandmother!" The boss raised his cleaver and looked as if he wanted to chop them up.

In the corner, after Ye Wanwan watched half a day of drama, she couldn't sit there quietly any longer. She coughed lightly and walked over then she took out $300 and placed it next to Nameless Nie. "I'm lending this to you..."

Get lost quickly, don't hurt my eyes anymore.

"Eh... Miss Famous Ye, what a coincidence!" Nameless Nie was slightly taken aback. He tightly grabbed the $300 that Ye Wanwan placed on the table.

At that moment, the man dressed as a devotee stared at Ye Wanwan and his eyes glistened. "Captain, where did you meet this little beauty..."

"She's a customer at the booth; her name's Famous Ye. We have an affinity, let alone this name of hers." Nameless Nie rubbed his chin.

Ye Wanwan was speechless. I simply made up that name and he took it for real...

"Ay... captain, you're a legend in this world... yet today, you had to rely on a girl to save you..." the nefarious-looking devotee lamented bitterly.

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