Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 364: This money-making scheme is amazing...

Chapter 364: This money-making scheme is amazing...

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After he had eaten and drunk to his heart's content, Nameless Nie stood up. "Boss, bill!"

The boss immediately walked to them and said, "475."

Hearing that, Nameless Nie nodded and looked at the four people.

The four people also turned to look at Nameless Nie.

"Where's the money?! Pay up!" Nameless Nie demanded.

"Oh..." the bewitching man pulled out a stack of notes from his pocket, mostly 50 cents and one dollars. After Nameless Nie counted carefully, it only totaled up to 20 something dollars.

The devotee pulled out two brand new ten dollar notes unwillingly.

"What about you?" Nameless Nie looked at the beautiful iceberg man.

"Captain, have you forgotten... my hubby and I are partners; my hubby pretends to be a dead man while I weep... this money is our shared income oh~" the bewitching man cast a flirtatious look at him.

Ye Wanwan who had been observing this interaction: "..."

Selling his body to bury his husband?

This money-making scheme... is amazing...

"F***!" Nameless Nie slammed the table and pointed at the three of them. "The three of you are useless garbage! You guys barely even made 50 bucks today altogether!"

"Business isn't good these days... only one person came to see his fortune today... and he even called me a fake and didn't pay up. I just happened to pick up 20 bucks on the ground while walking..." the handsome and nefarious-looking devotee sighed.

"Don't give me excuses!" Nameless Nie waved his hand and interrupted him then pointed to the brick-moving foreigner and said, "Look at Little Sweetie Aisin Gioro, he moved 5000 bricks in one day and made so much money. Look at the rest of you, acting like a corpse, acting like a psychic... you can't even earn 50 dollars. How embarrassing and shameless!"

"Pffft, Little Sweetie Aisin Gioro... every time I hear this name, I get goosebumps..." the handsome and nefarious-looking devotee discreetly turned to the brick-moving foreigner.

"Captain, why are they all laughing at the name you gave me? What exactly does Little Sweetie Aisin Gioro mean?" The brick-moving foreigner was unhappy.

*cough cough...* Nameless Nie turned to the brick-moving foreigner and spoke with much sincerity, "Little Sweetie Aisin Gioro means very bold, powerful and aggressive. They're laughing at you because they're not worthy enough to have this name!"

Hearing his explanation, the brick-moving foreigner nodded and said seriously, "Captain, I like this domineering name. Wait till I earn more money - I'll treat you to eat s***!"

Nameless Nie: "...that's alright."

Little Sweetie... Aisin Gioro?

Ye Wanwan's face was completely blank-- what kind of weird name is that...

"Are you guys done or not?" The boss standing by the side was getting impatient.

These lunatics don't have the money to pay up?!

"Please take note of your tone and attitude while speaking to our captain." A cold glow flickered in the devotee's eyes.

"Oh, coming here to dine and dash, yet you're still acting all high and mighty?" A cleaver appeared in the boss' hand out of nowhere.

"Boss, don't be rash," Nameless Nie waved and turned to the foreigner. "Little Sweetie, take the money out."

Hearing this, the foreigner nodded and took out a note from his pocket.

"And? Take them all out." Nameless Nie laughed when he saw the ten dollar note in the foreigner's hand.

"Captain, that's all, it's all here," the foreigner replied with extremely out-of-practice mandarin.

"That's all?" Nameless Nie was stunned. "Didn't you say you moved 5000 bricks?"

"Yes, it's all here; the boss said that moving 5000 bricks would only earn me this much," the brick-moving foreigner said.

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