Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 363: Who's this group of people looking for?

Chapter 363: Who's this group of people looking for?

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The Taoist devotee placed his long streamer down and looked at the bewitching man. "Stupid gay guy, this poor Taoist has read your fortune--you will encounter a blood-filled disaster in the next few days."

The bewitching man sneered. "You really think you're a devotee, huh, stupid medium!"

When the devotee heard that, his charming face changed and a dark, evil smile surfaced. "You're... courting death?"

"Oh... try me!" The man shot a flirtatious glance over; the luster in his eyes was as sharp as the tip of a knife, morphing him into a completely different person from before.

"Huahua, he destroyed an entire nation already. I think you'd better not try him," the foreigner reminded him with good intentions.

"Ha? Just him..." the bewitching man who went by the name Huahua hugged his belly and roared out in laughter. He was about to say something when Nameless Nie rapped on the table with his fingers.

"Shut up, everyone," Nameless Nie said, annoyed.

The moment Nameless Nie said that, the foreigner, bewitching man and the young Taoist devotee turned quiet instantly; even the beautiful iceberg man looked at Nameless Nie seriously.

Nameless Nie's eyes swept across all four of them before he cleared his throat and said coldly, "Our team is called?"

"God of Death in Dusk!" The four of them yelled at the same time.

"Our slogan is?" Nameless Nie continued.

"Nothing's nicer than dumplings, nothing's more fun than sister-in-law; captain eats dumplings, we play with sister-in-law!"

"Captain, I don't want to play with sister-in-law... I want to play with you~" the bewitching man suddenly moved closer to Nameless Nie.

However, before the gay guy could approach him, he was frightened off by Nameless Nie's icy glare.

"Continue with the slogan!" Nameless Nie dictated.

Immediately, the four of them looked at each other and played a beat with their palms as they chanted, "Captain of the God of Death, talented and suave, cool cool cool cool, strong strong strong strong!"

"Everyone's very honest; I feel relieved as your captain." Nameless Nie nodded, satisfied.

Outside the stall, the boss seemed dumbfounded as he sized up the five people inside.

And in the corner, the roast meat that Ye Wanwan picked up with her chopsticks fell onto the table once again with a plop...

Multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations these days were becoming more and more exotic...

How could they even manage to shout such a shameful slogan?

They're all such tools!

Not long after, the boss brought their dishes out and left.

After that, the little devotee carried over a carton of beers. The few people looked at the feast in front of their eyes and raised their chopsticks eagerly.

"Presumptuous! Put down the chopsticks--the rule in our team is that whoever's the most handsome shall eat first!" the bewitching man suddenly bellowed.

Hearing that, the little devotee and brick-moving foreigner sighed before withdrawing their chopsticks they'd extended.

Nameless Nie crossed his legs and picked up a piece of braised pork unhurriedly, then put the entire piece into his mouth and spoke incoherently, "Dumplings... are still... the best..."

Seeing that their captain started eating, the others swiftly picked up their chopsticks.

Half an hour later, there was only half a carton of beer left.

Nameless Nie gave a languid look and his gaze swept across his men. "Any updates?"

"Still don't have any definite news," the bewitching man said.

"Captain, we're still investigating and we'll need more time," the devotee said.

The beautiful iceberg man shook his head, indicating that he didn't have any updates.

"What about you?" Nameless Nie turned to the foreigner friend who moved bricks.

The foreigner replied honestly after swallowing the roast meat: "Captain, I've been moving bricks to make money the whole day... I didn't have time to investigate at all."

A tinge of impatience appeared in Nameless Nie's brows. "I'll give you guys another three months; you must find the person I'm looking for!"

"Captain, don't worry, we'll definitely complete our mission!" the other four people chorused.

Ye Wanwan, who was still in the corner, clicked her tongue and thought in her heart: Who exactly is this group of people looking for?

Could it be someone who owes them money?

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