Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 362: So handsome even when he's mad

Chapter 362: So handsome even when he's mad

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After the boss left, Nameless Nie turned to the foreigner, looking pensive. "How many bricks did you move today?"

The foreigner's firm muscles trembled slightly as he replied proudly, "Not much, not much, just 5,000 pieces."

Hearing that, Nameless Nie immediately got excited, "Which means you earned quite a bit today, huh..."

"I didn't do too bad today, captain," the foreigner giggled and patted his own pocket.

Immediately, Nameless Nie gained some confidence and he said, "Boss, get me another ten bowls of dumplings, one plate of red braised pork, one plate of braised fish and braised pork ribs!"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

I thought I was a rice bucket [1] myself, but this guy here is a... dumpling bucket?

While waiting, another two people walked into the stall.

"Captain, we're back oh~"

Although the first guy in front was dressed in menswear, his face was even more bewitching than a lady's. If one didn't look closely, he really looked like an extremely charming woman.

The other man had long black hair and was carrying a stretcher on his back; his entire body looked as if it was a beautiful ten-thousand-year-old glacier without a tinge of human emotion reflected in his eyes.

Before Nameless Nie could open his mouth, the beautiful iceberg man already placed his stretcher on the ground, acting like there was nobody else present and soon after that, he laid on it lazily.

"Get up."

Seeing this, Nameless Nie pinched the space between his brows like he was having a headache.

However, the beautiful iceberg man didn't move at all and seemed quite comfortable laying there.

"How lazy are you? Why don't you just die from laziness!" Nameless Nie said with resentment towards the man for refusing to listen.

"Stand up right now!" Nameless Nie shouted coldly.

Seeing that Nameless Nie was angry, the beautiful iceberg man slowly sat up grudgingly, moving from a sleeping position to a sitting position.

"Your father (me) wants you to stand up, not sit there paralyzed!" Nameless Nie yelled, almost at his breaking point.

Hearing that, the beautiful iceberg man kept silent for a long time but nevertheless listened to Nameless Nie. He held his stretcher and stood up.

"Aiya, captain's so cool. You're so handsome even when you're mad. I haven't seen captain for several days already and I really miss you oh, did you miss me~" the bewitching man next to the beautiful iceberg man nestled into Nameless Nie's embrace.

"Get lost," Nameless Nie said, irritated.

"Captain, you're so naughty..." the boy sat upright obediently. He turned to the long-haired iceberg man and blinked. "Hubby~ you won't be jealous, right?"

However, the beautiful iceberg man only gave a sidelong glance at him and didn't bother responding.

Seeing that the beautiful iceberg man was silent, the bewitching man looked hurt. "Hubby, say something. Your expression's been so cold the whole day, it really hurts my heart~"

"Hubby, say something~ I really want to hear that voice of yours... that voice which makes people's hormones spike off the charts..."

Watching this scene, Ye Wanwan, who was sitting at a nearby corner, was so stunned that the braised meat from her mouth dropped out: "..."

What the h***... what a complicated relationship?

This bewitching man was flirting with Nameless Nie, yet he called another man his hubby?

"Hubby, just say one word, alright..." the bewitching man persisted.

Then, the beautiful iceberg man finally opened his mouth as the boy wished. "Scram."

The eyes of the bewitching man were filled with resentment as he immediately glared at the beautiful iceberg man. "Divorce! I can't go on like this!"

"Immeasurable deity..."

Suddenly, a young Taoist devotee appeared at the stall.

This Taoist devotee was dressed in a white Taoist robe. He held a long streamer and there was calmness in his eyes, giving off an immortal disposition that was free from vulgarity.

Ye Wanwan was completely dumbfounded; this was too much for her eyes to take in. What was with the sudden appearance of a Taoist devotee?

What kinds of people are these, huh???


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[1]: Someone who is a big eater

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