Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 361: Such an annoying person actually exists?

Chapter 361: Such an annoying person actually exists?

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Ye Wanwan ordered quite a bit of food in one breath. She considered all this food a reward for herself. Furthermore, it wasn't very expensive to order so much at a place like this.

The boss kept sizing Ye Wanwan up - girls these days were usually on a diet, so he didn't expect to see someone act so unconventionally.

Of course, as a boss, he really liked this kind of customer!

"Alright! Coming right up!" The food stall was a little busy, so the boss didn't stay long and left immediately after taking Ye Wanwan's order.

Ye Wanwan took out her phone and initially wanted to send a text to Si Ye Han, but all of a sudden, a somewhat familiar voice came from behind her.

"Boss, get me five bowls of dumplings!"

Ye Wanwan looked to the side and saw a young man dressed in a tattered and old denim jacket walking briskly into the food stall.

"Nameless... Nie?" Ye Wanwan was surprised.

At that moment, Ye Wanwan instantly turned her head, afraid that Nameless Nie would recognize her. She even felt slightly guilty.

After all, she actually bought a precious treasure from him for just $100. What if this guy saw her and regretted selling it to her...

Very soon, Nameless Nie found a round table and sat down, rushing the boss incessantly. "Hurry up, boss. Minced meat for my dumplings, and remember to wrap big ones!"

"Oh right... how much does a bowl of dumplings cost?" After some time, Nameless Nie seemed to remember he had to pay for them.

"$10!" the boss, who was cooking, responded.

"Oh..." The young man thought deeply for a moment and the corners of his mouth moved slightly as if he was making an important decision. "I'll have six bowls!"

After some time, the boss presented six bowls of dumplings on his table.

In just a few minutes, Nameless Nie managed to finish off all the dumplings.

"Boss ah... I've ordered so many dumplings... do you want to give me some roast pork ribs... roast fish or something for free..." Nameless Nie asked eagerly.

"Are you kidding me?" The boss laughed. "Six bowls of dumplings costs 60 bucks; one of my roast meat already costs much more."

"Oh..." Nameless Nie thought. "That won't do then. You should give me another two bowls of dumplings..."

The boss gave Nameless Nie a sidelong glance; he probably couldn't be bothered to entertain him anymore.

After Nameless Nie spoke, another person entered the stall.

This guy had a stocky build, his body was covered in dust, he was wearing a green construction safety cap, and both his eyes were sky-blue. You'd know with just one look that he was a foreigner.

"Captain, why didn't you tell me that you're eating s***!" The foreigner wearing the construction cap said seriously as he sat down in front of Nameless Nie.

Hearing that, Nameless Nie's face changed slightly.

"Boss, I'd like to eat s***, give me some s***!" The foreigner friend turned to the boss, speaking in his very out-of-practice Mandarin.

Not far off, Ye Wanwan just started devouring her food and after she heard the conversation, she spat out the rice in her mouth instantly.

"Are you insane? Coming to my stall to eat s***? Why don't you go to the toilet if you want to eat s***?" The boss stared at the foreigner, completely speechless.

"No no no... boss.. my friend's Mandarin isn't great, he said that he wants s***... actually, he meant rice..." Nameless Nie pulled the boss to one side, explaining softly.

"Boss, get me some s***, not too expensive but it has to taste great." The foreigner stroked his chin innocently.

"Sure sure sure, I'll get you some s***." The boss didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he turned and left.

Ye Wanwan's sharp ears overheard the conversation between Nameless Nie and the boss and she was speechless too.

She reckoned that the foreigner had been fooled by Nameless Nie who probably told him that the word "s***" meant "rice."

Such an annoying person actually exists?

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