Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 360: Never forsake me

Chapter 360: Never forsake me

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"Daddy, mommy, don't worry, I'll try to persuade ge ge," Ye Wanwan said reassuringly as an iciness flashed across her eyes.

With her older brother acting like that, if she wanted him to come to his senses, she had to do something drastic-- she'd better come up with a good plan...

"Wanwan, you're a good girl!" Seeing their daughter being so sensible, Liang Wan Jun and Ye Shao Ting were relieved.

The villa had a specialized housekeeper who got someone to maintain the upkeep of the villa every month, so although it had been a long time since somebody lived in it, it was still very clean and tidy.

The expensive furnishings in the house had been auctioned off, but the other items were still there.

Ye Wanwan looked at this utterly familiar place and was misty-eyed.

I'm finally home...

Actually, they only lived in this little house before because it was located in a rare district, built on a very valuable piece of land and her mother liked the surrounding neighborhood so they hadn't moved after so many years. The house wasn't big and since it was built many years ago, it was somewhat old.

When she earned enough money in the future, she'd get them a better place.

Ye Wanwan was afraid her parents would worry, so she didn't dare tell them about the things she did with Chu Hong Guang. She only mentioned that she helped a friend when he was at his lowest and lent him some cash so the house was gifted to her by her friend in order to repay her. She mentioned that she was also helping that friend in his studio and interning there now.

The family of three hadn't seen each other in a long time so they chatted on and on.

Other than asking about her, Liang Wan Jun and Ye Shao Ting also asked many questions about that ordinary and honest... boyfriend.

"Wanwan ah, that person you like... is he this Ye Bai friend you're talking about?" Liang Wan Jun probed.

*cough cough...* "No, not that friend... mommy, I know you and daddy are worried that I'll take the same disastrous road and get tricked again. But don't worry, basically, he's nothing like Gu Yue Ze--disregarding his morals for profits or tricking me for money and power... my boyfriend will do nothing of that sort to me!"

Ye Wanwan said all this without a change in her expression.

Hehe... that's Si Ye Han I'm talking about, ay...

He, himself, is the embodiment of money and power, so what amount of money and power can make him disregard his moral principles for profits...?

"Wait till our relationship matures a little more, and I'll definitely bring him to meet the both of you!"

En, wait till I think of a way to make the great devil look more "ordinary"...


At night, Ye Wanwan chatted with her parents for a very long time, but since she had to work the next day, she eventually bid farewell to her parents reluctantly and returned to the hostel.

The night air was as cool as water. A crescent moon hung overhead in the empty sky.

The taxi was halfway to the hostel when Ye Wanwan suddenly told the driver to stop. After paying the fare, she walked over to a food stall in the downtown area.

Tonight at grandpa's banquet, she had almost nothing to eat. She also didn't feel the hunger when she was chatting with her parents just now, but at this moment, her tummy was crazily protesting for food.

Inside the food stall, although the decorations weren't high-class, it was simple and the smells of the food attacked her senses from all around.

Unlike luxurious restaurants, these kinds of places were usually where good, authentic food could be found.

Alright... maybe it's just because I'm feeling a little stingy tonight...

Ye Wanwan picked a secluded corner and sat down.

"Miss, what would you like?"

The boss was a middle-aged man and was startled when he got a closer look at the girl's appearance in the dark corner. He immediately put on a wide smile and brought the menu over.

"Let me see... give me one sweet and sour pork ribs, one roasted pork, one steamed Crucian carp, 20 mutton skewers, 10 pork skewers, 10 crispy bones..."

[Xu Yi: That's right, my master would never disregard his morals for profits, he'll disregard his morals for love...]

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